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O Father God, how faithful You are Worship of the Father O God of Love Experience of Christ O God of glory Experience of Christ O God our loving Father Blessing of the Trinity O JESUS, I'M CRAZY LOVING YOU Experience of Christ O LORD JESUS, PRECIOUS JESUS, RESCUE ME, SAVIOR Experience of Christ O LORD! AMEN Gospel O LORD, AMEN Experience of Christ O LORD, WE CAN'T DO IT ON OUR OWN Longings O LORD, WE GIVE OURSELVES AFRESH, INTO YOUR TRAINING HANDS TO BE The Church O LORD, WE NOW LAY ALL ASIDE Consecration O LORD, WE'RE JUST FOR YOUR FLOWING Various Aspects of the Inner Life O LORD, YOU'RE WONDERFUL Experience of Christ O Lord, I love You, I really love You Experience of Christ O Lord, Please Hear My Cry—Grow Apace Longings O Lord, You Know What's in My Heart Longings O Lord, You have from days of eternity The Church O Lord, You know I don't like this Fulness of the Spirit O Lord, perfect another generation Consecration O Lord, this whole world Longings O Lord, through all the years I've been under Your word Longings O Lord, we'd know Your heart today Consecration O Morning Star! Praise of the Lord O Perfect Love! Experience of God O WHAT A MARVELOUS HOPE, LORD Experience of Christ O come let us sing unto the Lord Scriptures for Singing O glorious Christ revealed Consecration O glorious divine love Consecration O how deep and e'er expanding Consecration O how deep and e'er expanding (Alternate Tune) Consecration O how glorious! O how precious! Fulness of the Spirit O lovely Bridegroom, we long for Thy returning Hope of Glory O my God, within Thee there is eternal life Experience of God O that Christ may make His home Scriptures for Singing O the joy of having nothing Experience of Christ O there's One in me Experience of Christ OCCUPY US FOR YOUR BODY The Church OH JESUS NOW GROW IN ME Longings OH LORD, AMEN, HALLELUJAH Encouragement OH LORD, YOU KNOW Comfort in Trials OH MY GOD, I TRUST IN THEE Scriptures for Singing OH WHAT A KIND INTENTION, OH WHAT ABOUNDING GRACE Gospel OH WHAT A MYSTERY! CHRIST IN YOU, CHRIST IN ME Scriptures for Singing OH, IT'S GOD IN CHRIST JESUS, THROUGH THE SPIRIT TODAY Various Aspects of the Inner Life OH, JESUS IS BLENDING US TOGETHER The Church OH, LORD JESUS Comfort in Trials OH, MAY A CLEAR, CONTROLLING VISION OF Ultimate Manifestation OH, OUR LOVE Hope of Glory OH, WHAT A WONDERFUL STORY Consecration ONCE WE WERE SEARCHING Encouragement ONE SPIRIT WITH YOU Various Aspects of the Inner Life OVERCOMERS, OVERCOMERS Longings Of which I became a minister Scriptures for Singing Oh Jesus, dearest, precious Lord Longings Oh Lord, I've seen Your worth Longings Oh Lord, break through Longings Oh Lord, for this I pray Longings Oh how sweet it is just to know my Christ Experience of Christ Oh listen to a story of abounding grace Gospel Oh my Lord, I really love You Praise of the Lord Oh! Jesus, Jesus Praise of the Lord Oh! Let us sing joyfully. Sing an unveiled mystery Experience of Christ Oh, Come See a Man Gospel Oh, Jesus, Jesus, wonderful Jesus Praise of the Lord Oh, What a Preeminent Christ Praise of the Lord Oh, how we enjoy the blending The Church Oh, there's a place for you, my friend The Church Oh, who's like our Jesus Experience of Christ On My Bed Night After Night Scriptures for Singing On the Table, before us displayed Praise of the Lord On the cross You gave Your life for me Longings Once again a new beginning Longings Once bound by self I lived to me Consecration Once in the world we wandered all Consecration One Person and One Way Experience of Christ One Thing I Have Asked From Jehovah Scriptures for Singing One day as the Lord passed a well Gospel One day so desperate for You Experience of Christ One family in the Lord The Church Oneness The Church Open my eyes, Savior, true sight now render Gospel Open yourself to the new creation Experience of Christ Ordinary Days Experience of Christ Our Christ He is the fruit of earth Experience of Christ Our Christ is so enjoyable Experience of Christ Our Condition to God's Heart's Desire Experience of Christ Our God is one and yet triune Blessing of the Trinity Our Trespass Offering Gospel Our burnt offering Consecration Our condition was dead in offenses Experience of Christ Our flesh, which is with us the rest of our lives Experience of Christ Our hearts, Lord, now You fully own The Church Our history Consecration Our spirit is our organ to receive God Various Aspects of the Inner Life Out of Zion Scriptures for Singing Outpoured for His Body The Church