Our burnt offering

Lord, I take You as my sin offering for what I am,
But Lord, I take You as my burnt offering for what I'm not.
I'm not loving, submissive, patient, kind, or meek,
I'm not single in view, Lord, nor is it God I seek.
But dearest Lord, You're all these things, all virtue's in You,
So Lord I lay my hands on You in all I do.
Lord, in me is all self-love, envy, anxiety
Lord, in me is only pride and no humility.
I'm not pure, Lord, or trusting, neither absolute
For Your purpose, I waver — I'm not resolute!
But dearest Lord, You're all these things, all virtue's in You,
So Lord I lay my hands on You in all I do.
Such a laying on of hands is not for substitution;
When we lay our hands on Christ, it brings in a union.
By our laying our hands on Christ, we are joined to Him.
We become one — no longer two — we become Him!
In such a union all our weaknesses, wounds, and scars
Are taken on by Him and His virtues become ours.
Such a union requires exercise through proper prayer
We open our failures, defects for our Lord to bear.
As we pray in this way, Christ — the One with no such sin
As the life-giving Spirit moves and works within
To live in us a life, a repetition of Christ our King,
The One who lived on earth the life of the burnt offering.
Lord, You're balanced, fine and pure and loving through and through
You welcome the leprous ones, blind, lame all come to You.
You have eyes of a dove, Lord — blemish free are You.
No mixed motives, self-glory, what the Father says You do!
Your humility's unsurpassed — obedient e'en unto death.
Trusting in the Father's will, living by Him breath by breath!
Thus, I open up to You each failure, blemish, and spot.
I want You to know me, Lord, and know all that I'm not.
You're my Husband, my strong One, I am just Your wife.
Bear my burdens, my loved One, give me Your wonderful life!
I take up this exchange, God Himself is what I've got.
You can bear all that I am, You can be all that I'm not!
You can bear all that I am, You can be all that I'm not!

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I want to learn how to sing please how can I have the audio song


You are all of the offerings and so much more wonderful Triune God!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Lord, thank You for being our burnt offering. Process us so we can offer our experiences of You back to God. Lord, be satisfied!

Nancy Northrup

Crescent City, CA, United States

Leviticus 1:4 footnote 1 Recovery Version Bible.


Chilliwack, British Columbia

Oh Lord, THANK YOU for the echo within to these lyrics. Thank You for Your prayers within. Only by What You are can it. Oh Lord YOUR REFLECTION.

Joice Min

Seoul, South Korea

I want to learn this hymn. The lyric touches my heart.


Winston Salem, NC, United States

A sister shared this hymn today. Indeed this is my song for the day! O Lord Jesus, You are my all-inclusive offering!

Hilda Asis Ybanez

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Christ is the one I've found as my real offering. May the Lord keep us on the altar. Hallelujah! Only Christ and Christ alone. Glory be to Him!

Liza Macaldo

Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Lord Jesus, we offer our whole being to You. Lord, use us for Your move today!