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WATCH, BE READY Hope of Glory WE ARE, WE ARE, WE ARE ONE IN CHRIST The Church WE CAN CALL O LORD The Church WE CAN EAT, WE CAN DRINK Praise of the Lord WE CONSECRATE ANEW Consecration WE GATHER IN LOVE TO REMEMBER Praise of the Lord WE GIVE OURSELVES TO YOU Experience of Christ WE HAVE TO CLAIM THIS DIVINE POWER Spiritual Warfare WE LOVE THE CHURCH LIFE, EATING Praise of the Lord WE WORK TOGETHER WITH GOD BY A LIFE Experience of God WHAT IS BORN OF GOD IS OUR HUMAN SPIRIT Various Aspects of the Inner Life WHENEVER THE HEART SHALL TURN TO THE LORD Scriptures for Singing WHERE IS HE, MY JESUS Experience of Christ WHO IN ALL THE WORLD IS AS FAIR AS THEE Experience of Christ WITH MY MOUTH WILL I MAKE KNOWN Scriptures for Singing WONDERFUL ONE, SON WITH THE FATHER Experience of God WORD BY WORD! WORD BY WORD The Word of God WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO BE A LIVING OVERCOMER Spiritual Warfare Watch! Be Ready! Hope of Glory Water you, water you Meetings Waters to Swim in Fulness of the Spirit We Do Not Lose Heart Comfort in Trials We Have a Father Worship of the Father We Have a Living Christ Experience of Christ We Know, We Know (I'm Gonna Praise God) Scriptures for Singing We Love, We Love with All of Our Heart Longings We all with unveiled face Scriptures for Singing We are one in Christ The Church We are pressed on every side; unable to find a way out Comfort in Trials We are the generation Encouragement We believe, we believe Scriptures for Singing We don't care where you come from The Church We gather here remembering Praise of the Lord We give thanks to Thee O Lord Scriptures for Singing We give thanks to Thee, O Lord Scriptures for Singing We have found a simple way Encouragement We have not one regret for taking this way Consecration We have this ministry Spiritual Warfare We know, we know (We know, we know) Scriptures for Singing We love You, Lord, we love You Experience of Christ We must ever preach the gospel Preaching of the Gospel We must see today that God needs expressing on earth Gospel We need to be in our spirit! Experience of Christ We need to love the Lord Praise of the Lord We need to see a spiritual vision of the throne Experience of Christ We need to see our daily walk, living and work Union with Christ We satisfy Christ, as His Bride, in His image Spiritual Warfare We treasure Thee, Lord Jesus Praise of the Lord We turn our hearts to You, Lord Longings We'd experience Christ daily The Church We're grains of wheat, but within us The Resurrection Life We're renewed and revived by the Lord day by day Experience of Christ Welcome The Church What a Christ We Have Experience of Christ What a rich enjoyment, living in God's house The Church What a wonderful church life The Church What about my sinful past Gospel What caused Mary to give her all Consecration What kind of person would die for my sin Praise of the Lord What made You die for me Gospel What made You, Lord, to die for me Gospel What miracle! What mystery! Experience of Christ What then, brothers? What then, sisters Scriptures for Singing What things were gains to me Experience of Christ What's the use? There is no hope for me Gospel When I first believed, and His life I received Experience of God When I grow up Longings When I'm with the saints The Church When You Say Lord Encouragement When all around my sky is falling Comfort in Trials When this poor sinner stands at last Encouragement When we are with unveiled face Scriptures for Singing When we believe into the Son The Church When we call Lord Jesus Fulness of the Spirit When you speak the Word Preaching of the Gospel Whenever the Heart Turns to the Lord Scriptures for Singing Where Does the Lord Have a Way Consecration Where I am, there You are Comfort in Trials Where have you laid Him, my Jesus? Experience of Christ Where is the House Scriptures for Singing Where the Forerunner, Jesus Scriptures for Singing Where's the answer? Gospel Wherever you go, I will go Scriptures for Singing While Christ Builds His Church Comfort in Trials Whispers from above Experience of Christ Who Can Ever Know the Feeling Comfort in Trials Who can be entrusted, God's gospel spread Preaching of the Gospel Who can match the waste He tendered The Way of the Cross Who, being the effulgence of His glory Scriptures for Singing Whom having not seen, you love, you love Scriptures for Singing Why do you stand alone Encouragement Wild Rose of Sharon Scriptures for Singing With Christ Identified Union with Christ With an Eternal Love Assurance and Joy of Salvation With the brothers and the sisters The Church With the kisses of Your mouth Experience of Christ Worldly affairs encumbered me; till the Lord said, Come, follow Me Consecration Worthy is the Lamb Praise of the Lord Would You Subdue My Soul Longings Writing God's Today's History Union with Christ