The Spirit Consummated

Our God is one and yet triune,
The Father in the Son;
Successive stages were His plan,
The Spirit to become;
The first One sent the second One,
Yet, both are still the same;
The first One sent the third One, and,
We're baptized in His name.
  The Spirit of the Triune God
Is God's economy;
The consummated Holy One
Flows on and on eternally.
Though God in nature cannot change,
He passed through womb and cross;
The Lamb of God has been prepared,
Yet, nothing has been lost.
The Spirit is the compound God;
The One that was "not yet";
The seven Spirits, seven eyes,
Today are "The Spirit".
The processed God, the flowing God,
Is the eternal source;
Emerging in a bubbling spring,
An overflowing course.
The Father's love, a fountain is;
The Son, as grace, the spring;
The fellowshipping Spirit flows
Out from our inmost being.
The Spirit is a holy realm,
Divine and mystical;
We enter in and live by Him,
He is so practical.
Sevenfold intensified,
The Spirit's final stage,
Will overcomers soon produce,
To consummate the age.
Sarah Anne Rolofs

Ochtrup, Munster:, Germany

love this hymn; especially the lyrics; is very inspiring aabout the holy spirit;

about the triune God: thank you very much God bless at

hymnal. net

God bless all my brothers and sisters around: especially in countries where they are persecuted; you are not forgotten; we love and pray for you: you are not alone:

stay strong and courageous; our father is always with all of you all time amen: