On My Behalf

Death and burial did I deserve,
Life and hope came; now, Lord, You I serve.
From millions who are perishing, dead,
You chose me, saved me to the end.
  Lord Jesus, You'll never give up on me,
Doing so much on my behalf.
Now I'm enjoying grace upon grace;
To You be all the glory, thanks, and praise!
From this day, Lord, to eternity—
An eternal hunger grant to me
And a thirst unquenchable, my plea—
That You alone, Lord, will I ever seek.
I'm unworthy, yet Your love reached me;
How unchanging, Lord, You'll always be!
You love me dearly, Lord, I can feel;
In return, I give You back a love so real!
Lord, there's no one in this world like You!
You're sweet, full of love, so charming too!
I can't help but deeply be in love
With You alone, oh my Beloved!
How dare I, Lord, to ask for more;
Since I'm not my own anymore?
I was bought with the great, great price—
Your blood—the greatest sacrifice!
Days, weeks, years have flown by apace,
Wasted in bemoaning my case.
The end is near, then soon You'll appear.
Am I precious, Lord, enough for You to steal?
Through the years, there's longing deep within
That, in all that we experience,
With enjoyments, dealings—You'd lead us all—
To perfect growth, till we're mature in full!
Gary Koch

Beautiful ❤️


Salem, OR, United States

The end is near, then soon You’ll appear.

Am I precious, Lord, enough for You to steal?

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte

Dearest Lord, thank You for not giving up on me! ❤ Now I'm enjoying grace upon grace 😄