Triune God

  Triune God,
Oh how much You love us.
Triune God,
You gave Yourself to us.
Triune God,
Now You're the Spirit in us,
We are one with You always.
O God our loving Father,
You would receive back Your Son,
Christ the Son our Shepherd
And the Holy Spirit's sweeping
To bring us back to You always.
God the Father's the staff,
Christ the rock smitten for us,
Once stricken, water poured out,
Issued in the Spirit flowing
That we may have His life always.
The Triune God's dispensing
Himself to us as our life,
His grace is love expressed and
Fellowship keeps us together;
We're mingled now with Him always.
  Triune God,
Oh how much we love You.
Triune God,
We give ourselves to You.
Triune God,
Now we open to You,
We are one with You always.

Written by some high schoolers during the 2012-2013 Summer School of Truth in New Zealand.

Salem Macnee

Hamilton, New Zealand

Triune God, Oh how much I love You! Triune God, I give myself to You! Triune God, now I open to You! I am one with You always!

Jonathan Waugh

Montevideo, Uruguay

Me and some sisters translated the song into Spanish! Here are the words for anyone who wants them:

Coro 1:

Triuno Dios,

Ho cuanto nos amas.

Triuno Dios,

Tú te diste a nos,

Triuno Dios,

Ahora el Espíritu en nos.

Somos uno por siempre.

1. Dios, Padre amoroso.

A tu hijo recibirás,

Cristo el Hijo, el Pastor,

El espíritu barriendo.

Nos vuelve hacia Ti siempre.

2. Dios, Padre el cayado,

Cristo, roca herida.

Golpeada, agua brotó,

Como Espíritu fluyendo.

Su vida tendremos siempre.

3. Dios Triuno te dispensas,

A Ti mismo como vida.

Tu amor, en gracia expresas,

Y la comunión nos une.

Contigo mezclado siempre.

Coro 2:

Triuno Dios,

Ho cuanto te amamos.

Triuno Dios,

Nos damos a Ti.

Triuno Dios,

A Ti nos abrimos.

Somos uno por siempre.


Suvs, Fiji

Praise the Lord!

Emely Sugar

Iligan City, Philippines

Oh how much I love the Triune God! I give myself to You!!


Thank You Triune God!

Elizabeth Staeheli

Spokane, WA, United States

I really like this. It reminds me of Hagashi's songs. Very nice tune! A true sentiment of worship to our loving Triune God!

Jonathan Waugh

Yay! It made on to! Love this song!!


Dunedin, New Zealand

I love the Triune God!


Hamilton, New Zealand

As can be heard on the video, the verses and chorus can be sung together.

There is also a different chorus for the end:

Triune God

Oh how much we love You

Triune God

We give ourselves to You

Triune God

Now we open to You

We are one with You always.