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MAKE US THOSE WHO'RE ONE WITH YOU IN PRAYER Prayer MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER, THE BODY WILL GROW The Church MOMENTS WITH YOU Experience of Christ MORE TO BE DESIRED ARE THEY THAN GOLD Scriptures for Singing MY BELOV'D, I BELONG TO YOU Experience of Christ MY SOUL, MY SOUL LONGS The Church Make Me One with You Union with Christ Make me a channel of blessing to my family Experience of God Make me a hungry seeker Longings Make me an inward Christian, Lord Experience of Christ Make me wholly Thine Consecration Make my hands full, I pray, dear Lord Consecration Making Known to Us Scriptures for Singing Man Lives Not By Bread Alone Scriptures for Singing Manifest, manifest The Church Manna Experience of Christ Manna from Heaven Experience of Christ Mary poured out her love offering Experience of Christ Matthew 4:10 Scriptures for Singing May my day be full of Christ Encouragement Me He sought, a lost and wand'ring lamb Experience of Christ Melt in His Presence Experience of Christ Mercy's Vessel Encouragement Mingle and blend The Church More of our heart Longings Morning Dew Consecration Morning dawn had arisen Experience of Christ My Beloved is mine and I am His Scriptures for Singing My Beloved's dazzling Experience of Christ My Grace is Sufficient Scriptures for Singing My Savior the good Shepherd is Experience of Christ My heart longs for absolute surrender Consecration My heart was far from You Experience of Christ My inner parts have yearned for Him Scriptures for Singing My love is like a dove Scriptures for Singing My only hope is the Lord Experience of Christ My outward state has left me defeated Comfort in Trials My words cannot express Experience of Christ