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HALLELUJAH FOR THE BLENDING The Church HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH Experience of God HAVE YOU CLIMBED THE MOUNTAIN Experience of Christ HE CHANGED MY LIFE WITH ONE SIMPLE CALL Gospel HE DIED TO BE LIFE TO ME Hope of Glory HE DREW ME WITH CORDS OF A MAN Experience of Christ HE HAS SENT ME TO PROCLAIM RELEASE TO THE CAPTIVES Scriptures for Singing HE IS DWELLING IN OUR SPIRIT Fullness of the Spirit HE IS MY GOD, AND I WILL PRAISE HIM Scriptures for Singing HE LOVES YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW Encouragement HE TELLS ME GUARD THY HEART Experience of Christ HE'S FAR BEYOND YOUR DREAMS Experience of Christ HE'S OLIVE OIL, HE'S MYRRH Fulness of the Spirit HE'S THE SHEPHERD AND HE'S THE FRIEND Praise of the Lord HIGHEST NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES Praise of the Lord HOW I LONG TO LIVE THIS GOSPEL LIFE Preaching of the Gospel HOW I LONG TO SING Praise of the Lord HOW STEDFAST IS THY FAITHFULNESS Worship of the Father HUSBANDS, LOVE YOUR WIVES Scriptures for Singing Have you found your human spirit Various Aspects of the Inner Life Have you had your cup, your cup of Christ in the morning Experience of Christ Have you realized before the foundation of the world The Church Have you seen God's salvation Experience of Christ Having a clear sky with the throne above it Worship of the Father Having been regenerated Scriptures for Singing He Himself Is Our Peace Scriptures for Singing He bears the whole universe Comfort in Trials He brought me in, into His banqueting house Scriptures for Singing He gives power to the faint Scriptures for Singing He grew up like a tender plant Scriptures for Singing He knows, He knows Comfort in Trials He set me apart from my mother's womb Experience of God He stepped out of glory Praise of the Lord He tells me, guard thy heart Experience of Christ He understands you thoroughly Encouragement He washed away my sins Experience of Christ He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. Hallelujah! Various Aspects of the Inner Life He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit Various Aspects of the Inner Life He who overcomes Scriptures for Singing He who sows unto his own flesh Scriptures for Singing He who testifies these things Scriptures for Singing He's able, He's able Comfort in Trials He's my God Comfort in Trials He's my Lord Scriptures for Singing He's the Father of compassions Comfort in Trials He's the Spirit of reality Fulness of the Spirit Hear the joyful trumpet sound Gospel Hebrews 1:3 Scriptures for Singing Here a Little, There a Little Experience of Christ Here we are gathered, one family in the Lord The Church Hidden Behind Every Scene Consecration Highways to Zion Consecration His Face They Will See Longings His Perfect Choice Consecration Hold a pattern of the healthy words Scriptures for Singing Hold the pattern of the healthy words Scriptures for Singing How Can I Say How Much I Love You? Experience of Christ How I love Your reigning life, Lord Experience of Christ How Lovely Are Your Tabernacles The Church How Must I Know My Lord Longings How Sweet are Your Words Scriptures for Singing How could a country girl like me Experience of Christ How could this age be so dark, Lord The Church How lovely are Thy dwelling places Scriptures for Singing