Our Trespass Offering

Behold, the Lamb of God,
Who takes away the sin;
The sins of all the world
Were fully placed on Him,
Fulfilling all God's righteousness,
Redeeming all mankind;
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!
The Righteous on behalf
Of all unrighteous men,
Was judged upon the cross
To save us from our sins;
Removed the barrier and redeemed
To bring us back to God,
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!
Christ has bore up our sins
By dying on the tree,
And now the Crucified
Is righteousness to me;
Thus having died to all my sins
I now may live to Him;
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!
Through Christ's vicarious death
Our trespass is appeased,
For I am reconciled
And God is really pleased;
The trespass offering made for me
Has met all God's demands;
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!
Christ gave Himself for sins
With just one goal in mind
That He may rescue us
From this poor worldly grind;
Plucked out of this satanic age,
Our sins He takes away;
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!
Christ, as our most High Priest,
Forever has sat down;
By one pure sacrifice,
Eternal cleansing found!
Christ shed His blood to make us clean,
Our sins He washed away;
All praise to Jesus, Lamb of God!

2017 Winter Training, Message 9


This old hymn needs to be sung again... let the psalmist anointing bring it forth now to be sung by the church in Jesus name.

Mike Bledsoe

Garland, TX, United States

Hallelujah! For our wonderful trespass offering that we can experience every day!

Benjamin Go

Wauconda, Illinois, United States

By one pure sacrifice, eternal cleansing found. O Lord Jesus, lamb of God all praise to you.