Just to Grow in Life

Once a sinner, now I'm saved;
Still, I lack in many ways.
Lord, it feels like nothing has changed.
Patient, yet I cannot wait;
Loving, yet not void of hate;
Lord, I don't want to stay the same.
Thought I had to come up with my own solutions,
But You're showing me the way to take.
  I don't have to know my complications;
I just need to grow in the Lord,
Enjoying Him day by day,
Pursuing Him with the saints,
Absorbing Him just as a branch would in the vine.
There's no need for me to struggle and to strive;
Just to grow in life.
Eating Your word when I wake,
Nothing should get in the way;
Calling ceaselessly on Your name.
Meeting You with all the saints,
Feasting on Your boundless grace,
Praising as I call it a day.
I've let go of all religious regulations;
Found a new, enjoying way to take.
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Amen, O LORD