Just to Grow in Life

Once a sinner, now I'm saved;
Still, I lack in many ways.
Lord, it feels like nothing has changed.
Patient, yet I cannot wait;
Loving, yet not void of hate;
Lord, I don't want to stay the same.
Thought I had to come up with my own solutions,
But You're showing me the way to take.
  I don't have to know my complications;
I just need to grow in the Lord,
Enjoying Him day by day,
Pursuing Him with the saints,
Absorbing Him just as a branch would in the vine.
There's no need for me to struggle and to strive;
Just to grow in life.
Eating Your word when I wake,
Nothing should get in the way;
Calling ceaselessly on Your name.
Meeting You with all the saints,
Feasting on Your boundless grace,
Praising as I call it a day.
I've let go of all religious regulations;
Found a new, enjoying way to take.


Right. We don't need to know our complications. We just need to grow in the Lord, enjoying Him day by day.

Lisa Davis

Plainview, Texas, United States

Amen! Feasting on Your boundless grace

Hallelujah, we are abiding in the vine and eating from the tree of life!!!

Oh Lord Jesus we love You!!!

Sharon Natukunda

Kampala, Uganda

Amen. Been blessed by the song.

No need to know my complications, just to grow in the Lord

Keith F


Yes, no need to know our complications!

Just keep absorbing Him and grow in Him! ❤️

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Amen, O LORD