O Morning Star!

O Morning Star! Arise ere day is broken,
Shine, Thou, dear Lord—our hope, our light, our way;
Thou art that noble root and fruit of David,
Lucent above, guides to a perfect day.
  O Morning Star! Arise in secret stillness,
Break through the gloom, the darkness of this age;
Burst forth, Thou Sun of Righteousness, in splendor!
Come now, our King, turn Thou a glorious page.
O Morning Star! Ascend before the dawning,
In twilight radiate—how clear and bright!
While here we love and wait for Thy dear coming,
Silently, Thou illuminate our night.
O Morning Star! Spring forth from my heart's fountain,
As we attend to Thy prophetic word;
Glow as a lamp amidst apostate darkness,
Until the morn arrives in all the earth.
O Morning Star! Appear to us Thy seekers!
Midst this black hour, we wait for Thy return.
Earnestly longing for Thy hidden presence;
Our fond Reward, for Thee we dearly yearn!
Taylor Jenkins

Roseburg, Oregon, United States

Praise the Lord! You can illuminate our night! You can break through the darkness of this age! Hallelujah!

Don Niko R. Godilano

Padova, Italy

Oh Lord radiate from within our being. Silently illuminate our night while we lovingly wait for You in this dark age. Lord, until the full shining of your glory in Your return dawns upon us at the end of this age. Come Lord Jesus!


Texas, United States

Oh, Morning Star! Appear to us Your seekers! Come Lord Jesus, come! We need You !

Karen Murray

Ann Arbor, MI, United States

Lord Jesus, as we attend to Your word, spring forth O fountain of life in our spirit. Glow in this dark age. We love You. Your presence is our reward.

Linda Roberts

Newington, Connecticut, United States

Lord Jesus we love You. You are the One who rises in my heart every morning. Lord we yearn for Your return. May You come quickly.

Victor Solomon

London, United Kingdom

Beautiful Hymn to start the morning watch. O Morning star rise in our hearts this morning corporately for the producing of the One New Man.

Peter Ong

Valenzuela, Metro Manila, Philippines

O Lord You are my morning star that silently illumine my life, at twilight while we wait for Your return, You guide our way toward the dawning of a perfect day when You shall be coming in Your glory and splendor. Come Lord Jesus.

Magaly & Jasmin

Monterey Park, CA, United States

O morning star rise in our heart!