On My Bed Night After Night

  On my bed night after night,
I sought Him whom my soul loves.
I sought Him, but I found Him not,
I found Him not...
  I will rise now and go,
About in the city,
In the streets and in the squares.
I will seek Him whom my soul loves.
I sought Him, but found Him not.
  The watchmen who go,
About in the city found me,
Have you seen Him
Whom my soul loves?
Scarcely had I passed them,
When I found Him
Whom my soul loves,
My soul loves!
  I found Him whom my soul loves!
I held Him and would not let go.
Until I had brought Him
Into my mother’s house,
Into the chamber
Of her who conceived me
My mother is grace,
And I am a sinner saved by grace,
Saved by grace.
  I found Him,
I found Him whom my soul loves,
I held Him,
I found Him.
I found Him.
My soul loves You, my Lord, my Lord.
Abraham Flores

Newington, CT, United States

My soul loves You, Lord Jesus. Thank You for Your mercy and grace! Praise You Lord Jesus!