Lord, Your Presence Provides an Atmosphere

Lord, Your presence provides an atmosphere
Of Your tenderness and warmth to us.
As You cherish our whole being,
You give rest and comfort,
Healing, cleansing too.
We're encouraged, so we can now enjoy
This atmosphere of cherishing.
Lord, Your presence in the
Lampstands makes us comfortable,
Happy and pleasant too.
  Overcomers, overcomers,
Overcomers is Your need.
As we heed Your call, Lord Jesus,
Overcomers we may be.
Lord, You also are judging us today.
As Your church, Lord, take us all the way.
As You judge by cutting, snuffing, trimming
Out the negatives we now MUST PRAY.
Lord, we all want to let You LOOK AT US.
Lord, expose the degradation thus,
Judge our living, working;
Let us also hear Your voice,
Your work in us be done.

Granger, IN

The Lords presence is so cherishing and nourishing! I’m so encouraged to pray let the Lord work in us and expose by judging our living and working ! He wants overcomers in the lampstands. Hallelujah! Overcome in us every day! Come back soon dear Lord Jesus!

Our love is waiting for you!