You came, now I'm home

  O Lord Jesus, Precious Jesus, Rescue me, Savior.
O Lord Jesus, Precious Jesus, Rescue me, Savior.
You have come as light to me, Jesus, my Lord;
That I shall not be in darkness from now and on.
I was lost in sin, but then You came and restored my soul.
You left all to find me,
You received me with open arms,
All the angels sang and rejoiced,
Lovingly You treated me.
Father, I come back to You in Your light.
Armand Tongo

Caloocan, Metro Manila, Philippines

Though we sin repeatedly yet He still grants us opportunities to turn to Him. Wherever we may go, He is there. He is ready to receive us again.

Lord, we want to leave our present situation! We come to stay in Your presence! Amen!

Regan Ryan

Hamilton, New Zealand

You know this song is sweet when You can just sing it over and over again and it doesn't get old, it only gets better :) Jesus has restored my soul!


IL, United States

I didn't realize how touching this song was until much time passed. Very sweet and pretty.

lotttie west

Moreno Valley, Ca, United States

I love this song it's so simple but yet so true thank you



How I thank the Father for his overcoming Love! Lord Jesus thank You for coming! Now I am home in your Light. This is the home that is so blessed! Oh Lord, I love this home! I am home in You!!!! Thank you forever and ever!!