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CALLING HIS NAME, O LORD JESUS Assurance and Joy of Salvation CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME Experience of Christ CAN WE TURN A DEAF EAR Preaching of the Gospel CAN YOU SEE GOD'S PLAN Fulness of the Spirit CAST ALL YOUR ANXIETY WITH HIM Encouragement CHRIST DESIRES TO MARRY US The Church CHRIST IN ALL THE SAINTS The Church CHRIST IS THE TITLE DEED OF ALL GOD IS Experience of Christ CHRIST ON THE CROSS WAS A MAN WITHOUT SIN Praise of the Lord CHRIST'S COMING IS HIS PRESENCE Hope of Glory COME, LORD JESUS Experience of Christ Call on Your Name Praise of the Lord Call, call, won't you call Jesus' name Encouragement Calling, O Lord Jesus Encouragement Can a Woman Forget Her Nursing Child Scriptures for Singing Cast all your anxiety on Him Encouragement Channels of Life Preaching of the Gospel Choose to Be an Overcomer Spiritual Warfare Chosen Consecration Chosen, called, responding to You Consecration Christ Gave Himself Up for Me Out of Love Praise of the Lord Christ Has Proclaimed the Jubilee Gospel Christ Lives in Me Experience of Christ Christ has come to be life Various Aspects of the Inner Life Christ in Colossians Praise of the Lord Christ in Isaiah Experience of Christ Christ in Leviticus Praise of the Lord Christ in Numbers Encouragement Christ in You, Christ in Me Scriptures for Singing Christ in You, the Hope of Glory Scriptures for Singing Christ is God incarnated Praise of the Lord Christ is a genuine man Praise of the Lord Christ is coming as a thief Hope of Glory Christ is everything, I need Him Experience of Christ Christ is in you Scriptures for Singing Christ is our light, our food, our air Praise of the Lord Christ the Preeminent Experience of Christ Christ's divinity's glorious indeed Praise of the Lord Christ, not religion Experience of Christ Churches shine, Jesus' testimony bright The Church Colossians 3:2-3 Scriptures for Singing Come Forward Scriptures for Singing Come and let us return to Jehovah (Hosea 6:1-3) Scriptures for Singing Come bless the Lord Scriptures for Singing Come to Me (Matthew 11:28-30) Scriptures for Singing Come to Me all who toil and are burdened Scriptures for Singing Come, Lord Jesus Longings Come, all ye saints, and sing with me Gospel Come, see the church life The Church Consecrated One Consecration Consecration: To Become the Testimony of Jesus Consecration Consider Your Ways Scriptures for Singing Cords of a Man, Bands of Love Experience of Christ Crazy Lover of the Lord Experience of Christ Crazy lovers of Jesus Experience of Christ Create in me a clean heart, O God Scriptures for Singing Create in me a pure heart, O God Various Aspects of the Inner Life Cup of Christ Experience of Christ