Lord, I love You. Thank You for opening my eyes

  Lord, I love You.
Thank You for opening my eyes.
Lord I've seen who You are,
And I can't help falling in love.
One day so desperate for You,
Praying earnestly to You.
Lord, I'm not satisfied.
Show me, Lord, how lovely You are.
Thank You for Your faithfulness.
I have seen Thy preciousness.
Now, Lord, I can't deny
Your beauty has captured my heart.
Now, Lord, You're all I want.
I waste all that I have.
No one compares to You.
Here in love, Lord, will I remain.
YP Sisters

Los Angeles, United States

Lord we love You! You’re all we want. You satisfy us. Nothing or no one compares to You.


United States

Such a sweet song to sing to the Lord!


BC, Canada

Lord I love You, keep my so desperate for You. I want to seek you every moment of each day and remain in Your love Lord.


Japiur, Rajasthan, India

Touching the core!!


Rossville, Georgia, United States

Yes Lord, thank You for opening my eyes, but sometimes a lot of things caused me to be blinded and blurred. I believe Your precious blood and washing of the Word that I could see clearly toward Your heart's desire. I love You Lord Jesus. May my heart be simple and pure so that You can use me in this age, before Your coming back and before I die.

Suhasini Rao

Dublin, Ireland

Loved the song! I wanted a backup track, and I was looking for a new piece! thank you =)

Esther Lee

Folsom, CA, United States

It's good to be desperate.