I never thought that God would be enjoyable

I never thought that God would be enjoyable,
And my experience of Him is indescribable;
When first I opened up my heart to Him,
He came in me and filled me to the brim.
  O Lord, You're wonderful.
You're wonderful.
Jesus, Jesus.
I never sought Him nor I ever asked for Him.
Sometimes I wonder, am I in a heavenly dream;
I don't deserve Him, oh, a sinner like me,
My explanation, friends, it's just His mercy.
  O Lord, Your mercy reached me.
Your mercy reached me.
Jesus, Jesus.
My friends they tell me,
"Don't be too much for Him."
"Just be so normal and not go to the extreme."
But I can't help it, there is no one like Him.
His love has touched me, so I now have meaning.
  O Lord, Your love has touched me.
Your love has wrecked me.
Jesus, Jesus.
My every moment is to live unto You.
In everything dear Lord,
You must now break through.
I'm just a vessel, You're my treasure within.
O Lord, keep spreading in my entire being
  By calling, O Lord Jesus,
That name most precious.
Jesus, Jesus.
And now I'm waiting for Your coming again.
Lord, keep me faithful to You unto the end.
To see You face to face on that great day,
'Tis my desire that I'd go all the way.
  O Lord, You're coming soon.
O lovely Bridegroom.
Jesus, Jesus.
Chelsea Corpuz

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

O Lord, Your love has touched me.

Your love has wrecked me.

Jesus, Jesus.


Amen. Thank You, Lord Jesus.


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1. Nunca pensé que Dios sería disfrutable

5 3

Mi experiencia de Él indescriptible es.


Cuando mi corazón abrí hacia Él,


El vino y me llenó hasta rebosar.

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Señor, ¡Maravilloso!

5 3


5 3

Jesús, Jesús.

2. No lo busqué ni le pedí ven hacia mí,

A veces pienso: ¿es esto un sueño celestial?

No le merezco, un pecador como yo,

Su compasión, amigos, es la razón.

Oh, Tu misericordia,

Señor, me ha alcanzado;

Jesús, Jesús.

3. Mis amigos dicen: “no te des tanto a Él,

Sé muy normal y sin al extremo llegar”.

Mas no lo puedo impedir, no hay otro igual,

El me tocó y ahora vivo feliz.

Tu amor me tocó,

Tu amor me ha “arruinado”,

Jesús, Jesús.

Cada momento quiero vivir para El,

En todo mi Señor, Tú me debes ganar,

Soy sólo un vaso, Tú el tesoro en mí,

Señor espárcete en todo mi ser.

¡Señor Jesús! Clamando,

El precioso nombre,

Jesús, Jesús.

5. Ahora espero que Tú vuelvas otra vez,

Mantenme fiel a Ti, Señor hasta el final,

A fin de verte cara a cara Señor,

Este es mi gran deseo, ser vencedor.

Señor, Tu vienes pronto,

Oh, amado Novio,

Jesús, Jesús.

Roger Hsu

Arcadia, CA, United States

O Lord, Your love has touched me.

Your love has wrecked me.

Jesus, Jesus.

Wow Lord Jesus Your love has wrecked me and we want to live only for You!!

Jean Patience

Kolwezi, Katanga, Democratic Republic Of Congo

This is my truth: I don’t deserve Him, oh, a sinner like me,

My explanation, friends, it’s just His mercy.

Because of that, help me Lord to be totally Yours. O Lord I don't like to keep anything for myself, I want to belong totally to You.

Joshua Mallory

Denton, Texas, United States

Ah...I love the Lord so, so much. This hymn demonstrates and expresses my experience of finally seeing Christ as Reality. I never thought that God could be enjoyable. Oh...thank You, Lord. Lord, I love You so much. And I know even these words are meaningless and vain but may they be a sweet, sweet offering in Your sight. Amen.

Helena Munasque


I cant help it. There's no one like the Lord. I just want my experience of Him to go to the extreme.

Arjielyn Campeciño


Lord Jesus I love You. And I thank You for this great love toward me. Though I am a sinner but still You love me. Your great love has reached me.


Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

O Lord, Your love has touched me.

Your love has wrecked me.

What a nice hymn! Thank You Lord for loving me, thank You for Your mercy. I desire to love You more. Oh Lord Jesus I love You too.

Leira Ruth

Iligan City, Philippines

oh Lord, Your mercy reached me! Though I'm a sinner who does not deserve You, Lord, You loved me still!

When we sang this hymn during our young people's meeting, I just felt that I loved the Lord more!