When I wake up to the morning sun

When I wake up
To the morning sun
Before the day has come and gone.
I will open
All my heart to You
And from my spirit sing this song;
  What a wonder,
What a mystery
That You would be
The life in me.
Dear Lord Jesus,
How I love You.
Today, be all that I pursue.
When I lay down
To the moonlit sky
And weary eyes begin to fade
I will thank You
For another day
And for the life in me You gave.
  What a wonder,
What a blessing;
The joy You bring
In everything!
Dear Lord Jesus,
How I love You.
Tomorrow, be all I pursue.
Kim Seer

Gen Tri, Philippines

What a blessing to have Christ Himself. May this be a day filled with His presence.

Jacques Wilmore

Penn Hills, PA, United States

I love this song. It's so fresh an expression of gratefulness to the merciful Lord Jesus. Its like What a Friend We Have in Jesus.

Polly Stoddard

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Amen. The first time I heard the sing I just love it so much. So simple and so easy such a beautiful prayer for morning and night.

Angela Barnett

Cardiff, United Kingdom

I have never heard this before, such a simple tune but a beautiful prayer

Lisa Reed

Springfield, Virginia, United States

Amen! May this be our prayer every morning and evening!