The Compound Spirit

When we call Lord Jesus,
Do you know what we get?
We get a God who's processed now,
The all-inclusive Spirit!
  He's olive oil, He's myrrh,
He's cinnamon, and He's calamus,
The power of Christ's resurrection,
He's the cassia in us!
Olive oil, the Spirit,
Anoints us all our days.
Myrrh the fragrant death of Christ
Negative secretions slays!
Cinnamon is for Christ's death,
So effective and sweet.
Calamus—Christ's resurrection
Nothing can defeat!
Repelling insects and snakes.
All of these ingredients
Are now for us to take!
Simphiwe Kalipa

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

"He’s olive oil, He’s myrrh,

He’s cinnamon, and He’s calamus,

The power of Christ’s resurrection,

He’s the cassia in us!"

Praise the Lord for the all-inclusive Spirit, the Compound-Spirit.


Wisconsin, United States

He's everything to me; my All in all!!