Universal Love

Lord, You want us
To love others
With Your own love divine.
Lord, we open;
Fill our hearts with
Your love for all mankind.
Your love is fully supplying,
No more on our self relying.
Overcome in us, fill us
With Yourself as love.
  We need a universal love.
Our human love is not enough.
Your love is pure and boundless,
Unlimited and exhaustless.
Be our divine, prevailing love,
Our universal love.
You are loving
And forgiving.
In our hearts You reside.
You are seeking
Man's believing.
Let Your love through us shine.
Lord, may we love one another.
Gain the church of Your desire.
We're revived to serve You
As we are filled with love.
You love all men,
All Your children,
Even our enemies.
Lord, Your love will
Keep enduring
For all eternity.
Pour out Your love so prevailing,
All-inclusive love, unfailing.
Build us up together
In Your eternal love.
Ezra Yeung

Santa Clara, California, United States

We need a universal love!

Pearl C.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Our human love is not enough, Lord we need You as our love! Thank You for Your pure, boundless , unlimited, exhaustless, prevailing, enduring, unfailing, all-inclusive love!




California, United States

Lord, we open!

Fill our hearts with Your love for all mankind.

Jacob Park

New York, United States

We need a universal love, Lord.

Benjamin Findeisen

Frankfurt Am Main, Germany

His love is pure and boundless! Unlimited and exhaustless!