God is Working Himself into Man!

God is working Himself into man,
We're becoming His full expression,
We are filled with the nature of God,
Christ is making His home in our hearts.
  We are the church,
The mingling of God and man!
The Triune God
has produced the golden lampstands!
God the Father is the husbandman,
God the Son is the true vine in Him,
God the Spirit flows within the vine,
Bringing us all the riches of life.
  We are branches!
Abide in the vine! Live in Him!
We must bear fruit!
Let's share all these riches to friends!
God the Father, His nature pure gold,
Is the street, our way which we go!
God in Christ, the Spirit who flows,
Is our life! We are jasper stones!
  We are shining,
Expressing the richness of life!
We must receive!
Partake of His nature divine!
What's the ultimate consummation?
It's a mutual habitation!
God lives in us and we live in Him!
We're in God! Such a coinherence!
  We are the church,
The mingling of God and man!
Our destiny!
The New Jerusalem!
Ann Endres


Praise God. Love the song and having singers also. Now I can follow, even when I don't know the song. Makes you want to sing along. Thank you for lifting your voices in praise of God. 👋🤗