A Person of Life

When I first believed, and His life I received,
The seed was sown into me.
Now this seed must grow, and this zoe life flow
As on to maturity.
  Am I a person of life?
Do I experience life?
Does my living bear the issues of life?
Good trees bear good fruit;
Healthy plant, healthy root;
Oh Lord! The ground in my heart!
We know that life's seed is growing indeed
When fruits of life are expressed
Such as virtues of joy, peace, faithfulness, love.
Does my daily life pass the test?
When these virtues show others surely will know
The beauty of life will shine,
And the gospel word of life will be heard
Bringing many to know life divine!
Lord grant me today, a new start in this way.
A person of life I would be—
Just expressing You in all that I do.
Oh may this life flow out of me!
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

God's New Testament Economy is that He would work Himself into His chosen people to make them members of Christ so that He may have a Body to express Him. This is altogether a matter of receiving life and expressing life; not perfection, morality, or ethics. Only one man lived the divine life out and that is Jesus. Thus, we will become person's of life by eating, drinking and breathing Jesus. This alone will accomplish God's New Testament Economy.

O Lord make us persons of life.

Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

What are the priestly robes? They are the manifestation of Christ. Christ manifested upon you is the robe of the priest. What the priests eat represents Christ, what they wear represents Christ, and all their living represents Christ. To be a priest you must live in Christ and serve with Christ. When you teach in school, you teach in Christ; when you do business, you do business in Christ; when you take care of your home, you do it in Christ. You are in the robe of a priest.

If you are a priest, there is something about you that is not ordinary; you have distinct and distinguishing characteristics. You are equipped with Christ; you are adorned with Christ; Christ is your robe. You must experience Christ in such a way; then you will be a priest. Whatever you handle, you will handle with Christ; whatever you do, you will do with Christ. You will manifest Christ. If you are a sister, and you are handling Christ all the day, think how much you will be able to minister to the Lord. You will help people to know Christ; you will minister Christ to your family. When you come to the meetings, you will be able to minister many things. Whether you clean or arrange the seats or kneel down with two or three other sisters to pray for the meeting, it is all a ministry, a ministry fulfilled in Christ, with Christ, and by Christ.

~The All-inclusive Christ, How to Possess the Land chap 10~



Oh Lord! The ground in my heart!


Dallas, TX, United States

am I a person of life? do I experience life? does my living bear the issues of life?

Lord thank You for Your life in us! Cause us to keep enjoying You day by day!


Oh, Lord, grow in us!

Seung Whan Chung

Urbana, IL, United States

Lord, make me a person of life. May Your overcoming life prevail in my being.

Igor Savinkin

Riga, Latvia

Thank You, Lord for Your divine, uncreated life. May this life grow in me more and more. Let the virtues of life be expressed as the riches of Your resurrection.

Yungyeom Kim

Ulsan, South Korea

Oh Lord, the ground in my heart!!

Tim Ou

Austin, Texas, United States

Does my living bear the issues of life? Good trees bear good fruit; healthy plant healthy root. Oh Lord! The ground in my heart!


Malabon, NCR, Philippines

Oh Lord! The ground in my heart!