What a Christ We Have

What a Christ we have, the all-inclusive One,
Our allotted portion, set apart in light.
In the kingdom of the Son of God, the Son of God's love,
Here He rules us in the light of His love.
Lift your eyes up and look from where you are.
When you see the Christ, our all-inclusive land,
Then we walk in this blessed land, enjoying all we see,
Getting saved eating milk and honey.
See the wheat, the restricted Jesus Christ.
Incarnation was restriction in the flesh.
Limited outwardly, by God's power set free,
Resurrected as unlimited barley.
See the vine trees, the sacrificing Christ.
He produced wine thus cheering God and man.
When we drink this new wine, we are so energized,
For the Lord to be a living sacrifice.
See the fig trees, Christ's sweetness our supply.
To progress in the joy of all our faith,
Be a channel of supply so others experience Christ,
And be happy in the bountiful supply.
See the pomegranates, fulness of His life;
The abundance and the beauty of this life.
As the olive tree the Spirit fills to honor God and man,
Bearing fruit as branches grafted into Christ.
See our portion so available to take,
To be walked in and experienced in full.
Apprehending the unsearchable extent of this good land,
When we corporately enjoy Him with the saints.


First, to possess this land is not the business of a single person. It is absolutely impossible for anyone as a single individual to do it. We must remember this well. We can never possess the all-inclusive Christ by ourselves as individuals. Absolutely not! Brothers and sisters, let us not dream. Such dreams can never be realized. This is the business of the Body; it is to be apprehended with all saints. Christ is too great; His spaciousness is unlimited and His riches are unsearchable. This principle is firmly established by the Lord: to enter in and take possession of the good land is not for individuals but for a corporate body. The Lord never asked the children of Israel one by one to gradually, singly, and individually cross the Jordan and enter the land. It was never God’s mind that one should enter this month, another next month, and still another the following month. This is impossible and contrary to the divine principle. It must be possessed by a corporate body; it must be entered corporately, not individually.

Excerpt from All-Inclusive Christ chapter nine


South Korea

What a Christ we have the all-inclusive One!

Amen! All-inclusive in Christ!

You are the good land, You are the reality!

Chris S

Houston, TX, United States

Oh! What a vast Christ we have! His riches are unsearchable! I've been reading through the book, "The All-Inclusive Christ" and I've been appreciating all these aspects of Christ in my daily life. I frequently listen to this hymn at work, which turns me to my spirit to enjoy the real good land today!


love this song~~<3<3