I do not know where they have laid Him

I do not know where they have laid Him.
The stone is taken away from the tomb.
Oh! They have taken Him away!
Oh! Where is He?
Disciples came and saw the empty tomb
But went away so soon to their own homes.
They're satisfied with just the facts.
But where's my Lord?
  Where is He, my Jesus?
Where is He, my Beloved?
Where is He Whom my soul doth love?
Jesus, my Love, I just want You.
My heart is broken from my deepest need.
Don't ask me, angels, why I'm weeping.
Nothing but Jesus fills my inner being.
Oh! Where's my Love?
Someone is standing right behind me.
It's just the gardener I can barely see.
Sir, if you carried Him away...
Oh! Where is He?
  Where is He my Jesus?
Where is He my Beloved?
Tell me where you have laid Him
And I'll carry Him away, I'll carry Him away.
And then I heard a voice say, "Mary."
That sweetest voice that penetrated me.
It is the voice of my Beloved,
Jesus, my Love.
  I have found my Jesus!
I have found my Beloved!
I have found Whom my soul doth love,
Jesus, my love, I just love You!
But Jesus told me not to touch Him yet.
He must ascend first to the Father
And to My Father and your Father
To My God and your God.
  Go and tell My brothers,
I ascend to the Father
To My Father and your Father,
And My God and your God, go tell My brothers.

Gainesville, FL, United States

Where is He Whom my soul doth love? Jesus, my Love, I just want You.

I don't want to be satisfied with just the facts. Only You fill my inner being! Keep me always searching for You, Lord!

Adeniyi Esther

Festac, Lagos, Nigeria

I have found Him, I have found my Beloved! Lord Jesus I just Love You Amen!

Nelson Liu

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

I have found my Jesus!!

Dasha Chong

Stuttgart, Germany

Oh my Jesus! My Beloved! How I really love You!


Cause us to be those who have such a love, such a desire to want nothing else but to seek 'Him' and until we see His face!


São Paulo, SP, Brazil

I fell Connected with God.

Me sinto Conectado com Deus


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Lord, cause us to seek the experience of You in resurrection!

Edward Baid

Lake Wood, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

Praise the Lord, may we have a hear that seeking and longing the Lord Jesus..

from: The Church in Lake Wood- Zamboanga del Sur

Idalberto Castillo

Holguín, Cuba

Señor que no solo nos conformemos con saber que resucitaste, sino que vayamos aún mas para poder contemplar tu presencia, tu belleza. ¡Señor Jesús te amamos!

Gadzeti Epaphroditus

Ho, Volta Region, Ghana

Any time I sense any failure in my Christian life, listening to the song it reminds me of the Lord's LOVE for me. I do not get revived only but also get on track to my Christian life.