We are one in Christ

What a wonderful church life,
All the saints truly are one,
No matter where and who we are,
    We are one!
Nothing can set us apart,
For we have the same life,
Although Satan tried and tried,
    We are one!
  We are, we are, we are one in Christ!
Abiding in the true vine,
Receiving all the riches of the life divine,
    We are one!
We are, we are, we are one in Christ!
Growing in the tree of life,
In Him we fellowship unto eternal life,
    We are one!
What a glorious church life,
Christ in us has made us one,
Eating the tree of life,
    We are one!
How can we ever depart
Such a sweet and blessed life?
Christ in us and we in Christ!
    We are one!
M Tran

VA, United States

Totally love this tune. May I ask who wrote the melody played in this recording, and where I can obtain the vocal/piano sheet music for it? Thank you for your help.

Michael Zamora

Norzagaray, Bulacan, Philippines

A wonderful memorable song, I first learn this song in 2003 when we had churching/ blending with all local churches in our province. As young people that time, I was so touch with the line: "although Satan tried and tried, we are one! " It was so meaningful and enjoyable. Now looking back and hearing again this song, it not only brings back the memories but also makes us realize that the Lord is the holding factor, the strength of the oneness, and in fact the very oneness of the church. How we need to hold on Him as our head and keep the uniting bond of peace with one another in all lowliness and meekness.

Ben Haberkorn

Omaha, NE, United States

As we all go through this storm of sicknesses across the whole planet, we can take comfort and in fact rejoice! We are one! Though the enemy has tried to stop his foe(the church/saints) from being blended, the Lord is prevailing and blending His body even more! Thank you Lord for your arranging and for your spirit which makes us one.

Ernest Munsami

Hillary, Durban, South Africa

Excellent song reminds me of Our Lords prayer in St. John 17 about that we are one, our Father's original plan that we become one family that we are one in Christ.

A Brother

Bintulu, Sarawak, Malaysia

Praise the Lord!

We are one in Christ.

No matter where and who we are.

We are all one in Christ.

Although Satan may tried and tried to seperate us, yet we are still one in Christ.

Urania Liao


Praise the Lord that all the saints can all be one when we are in Christ! For we are His Body and He is our Head!

melicio bajao

Cagayan De Oro City, Misamis Oriental, Philippines

What a glorious church life,

Christ in us has made us one,

Eating the tree of life.


CEBU CITY, CITY, Philippines

This song is for oneness.

Raj Sekhar

Hyderabad, India

It is a very rhythmic and pleasant song.