Water you, water you

From my spirit, when I'm sensing the supply
Of God's speaking, from a fount that ne'er runs dry,
And within me comes a fresh and sweet supply,
Then I've got to open up and water you.
  Water you, water you,
From the flowing in my spirit water you;
When the saints need my supply,
Then I'll surely testify,
I'll stand up, release my Christ and water you!
In the meeting, when the spirit's rising high,
And it seems like we will go beyond the sky—
I can't help it, I must speak or else I'll die,
For my Christ is rising up to water you.
Should a pause come, or the meeting ebb real low,
While within me there's a rich and living flow,
Then I'll stand up, so that all the saints will know,
That I'm here to share my Christ and water you.
In the church life, in our daily living too,
In the meeting, and in everything we do,
Christ is speaking and the Spirit's breaking through,
That is why there's the supply to water you.
Deidre Johnson

Long Beach, CA, United States

Amen I’m watering too!

C. Taylor

Forth Worth, Texas, United States

I can't help it, I must speak or else I'll die

For my Christ is rising up to water you!!

These words are so true! The Body is build up by our enjoyment of and speaking forth Christ!

Ngumbau Samuel

Eldoret, Rift Valley, Kenya

To me, it comes a time The Lord is really filling me, like I so feel like I want to errupt. Then I'm at this point of 'releasing my Christ', like I wanna release what the Lord has put to me, to empty myself for a newer, fresher filling.


Tallinn, Harju, Estonia

Christ in us does not want to be "imprisoned" in us. He wants to speak and act through us. This is the meaning of line "I'll stand up, release my Christ and water you!" We can release Christ by calling on Him, by speaking for Him. Hallelujah!



"Release my Christ" doesn't sound Christian. Love the melody, but the lyrics are definitely sounding "new-agish". We have to be careful.

Cathy A. Diamante

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Hallelujah. Lord water us. We need Your flowing, Your supply to water us. You are the flowing Triune God.


Saipan, Commonwealth Of Northern Marianas, Northern Mariana Islands

Oh! The Triune God within us is flowing and we just love releasing His flow to water all the brothers and sisters! Hallelujah!