Songs that were recently commented on

Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Praise of the Lord
Very powerful and awesome.
All to Jesus I surrender Consecration
Beautiful song, amen.
Conflict today is fierce Spiritual Warfare
To bring forth the One New Man, practically, is the battle of the ages. We have the opportunity to be the warrior bride to bring in the…
I have a Friend, whose faithful love Praise of the Lord
Even though the words “the Lamb” are not mentioned in this beautiful hymn, there is the sweetest fragrance of worship of the Lord in many…
O happy day that fixed my choice Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Happy day, rejoicing everyday. Thanks Jesus for washing my sins away. Thanks for the precious blood that washes sins away. I can now…
Oh, spread the tidings 'round, wherever man is found Fulness of the Spirit
Indeed, He is our Comfort. He is the Comforter of the comfortless. The only HOPE of the whole world. Thank God I'm of part. God bless you…
Lord, make me to know mine end Scriptures for Singing
Does anyone have a recording of this song? :)
Standing on the promises of Christ my King Assurance and Joy of Salvation
O Lord I stand this day on Your promises.
Thou my everlasting Portion Longings
Oh how gracious! Jesus is not the means to our goals, He is our goal... All that we live for... The focus of our lives... He is our…
Jesus Lord, You're our first love Experience of Christ
Lord, cause us to love You with our first and best love!
Some, these days, would tell us that our Jesus is not food Praise of the Lord
Everyday we need the fellowship to take us through!