Songs that were recently commented on

Rock of Ages, cleft for me Gospel
Thank you for this song I enjoyed it and I will play it on my keyboard.
To God be the glory, great things He hath done Worship of the Father
My bible teacher told me to look at this and it changed my life Allelujah Amen!
Day One, You came to me Various Aspects of the Inner Life
My wife and I sang this song as we drove to the hospital to deliver our first child. We touched the Lord’s heart and longing to have man on…
All hail the pow'r of Jesus' name (Medium) Praise of the Lord
Wow. ministering this tomorrow. Thank you Holy Spirit
My song is love unknown Praise of the Lord
It is impossible for me to listen to this beautiful hymn without being reduced to tears. Sadness and pride come together to highlight the…
Once I was bound by sin's galling fetters Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Thank you for posting the Aug19, 2020 comment by Grace from Anaheim. I hadn't thought of this hymn as a prayer of victory. Our praise of…
Will your anchor hold in the storms of life Assurance and Joy of Salvation
A beautiful hymn that took me straight back to my early days in the Boys Brigade. As the lyrics suggest, we all need an anchor, the BB to a …
My faith has found a resting place Assurance and Joy of Salvation
No other argument is needed to confirm my freedom, The Lord paid fully for my salvation, welfare, protection and victory by His death and…
Go, labor on; spend, and be spent Service
Sang this hymn for more than 40 years and each time with tears in my eyes. One day it will be over! And we shall hear the midnight cry…
The path of the righteous Hope of Glory
Lord we love You and Your appearing!!
What He is: He's the Father Praise of the Lord
He is a real and living person now living inside of us. Oh Lord Jesus we love you.