Songs that were recently commented on

Oh, spread the tidings 'round, wherever man is found Fulness of the Spirit
My best song keep me alive I was singing this song for the whole day. Thank you so much
What a Friend we have in Jesus Prayer
So much comfort found in the words of this hymn that echo the truth within His precious Word. Even in a world full of uncertainty, God is…
O Father of glory, now grant unto me Longings
This wonderful person lives in me! Lord be my person today! I don't want to live in myself anymore. I want to be found in you.
Would You Subdue My Soul Longings
Subdue your enemy dear Lord! Oh may my spirit reign! O Lord in sacrifice of praises! Praise you Lion lamb you are on the throne!
Draw me, dear Lord Longings
Draw me today we pray.
Search me, O God, my actions try Longings
I bless the Lord for this song. I am sitting looking at myself in the spirit and watching how much I am full of pride. And I have done…
Rejoice, the Lord is King Praise of the Lord
We use to sing this song in Yoruba in my Family when I was a child I know the lyrics I was reminded yesterday during The RCCG…
I was sinking deep in sin Gospel
This morning I woke with this song on my heart. It is so refreshing to sing along with the piano musical. It reminded me of back in the…
One sat alone beside the highway begging Gospel
What a blessing what a blessing 🙌🙌🙌I praise God, thank you Jesus for these words of strength and encouragement and joy and peace and comfo…
Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Inspirational hymn, thanks to the composer the song inspires heavenly dew whenever I chant or listen to it.
By Thee, O God, invited Worship of the Father
The trembling sinner feareth That God can ne’er forget; But one full payment cleareth His memory of all de…
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty Praise of the Lord
Just praising God and this wonderful hymn came so I decided to sing all of it. My God is the Almighty, the King of all creations. I love…
Prayer is the incense of a holy heart Prayer
Amen, Lord incense rising to You from bruised and broken things. Lord in these days gain the bruised and broken things.
Amazing Grace Assurance and Joy of Salvation
This is a very appropriate song for the times. God help all of us. God Bless America
My faith has found a resting place Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I woke up last Sunday morning with this song echoing in my spirit but I couldn't remember the lyrical content in full until I had to come…
More about Jesus would I know Longings
I love the hymn so much that l cannot have enough of it. Thank you Jesus for your word.
When upon life's billows you are tempest tossed Comfort in Trials
Counting my blessings that money can not buy, this hymn gives the assurance that God is too Faithful to fail
Great is Thy faithfulness Worship of the Father
Thank you Lord Jesus for this song , as the scripture said " It is Jehovah's lovingkindness that we are not consumed, For His compassions…
Faith of our fathers, living still The Church
This is really inspiring Faith of our fathers...
And let them make a sanctuary for Me Consecration
"And let them make a sanctuary for Me that I may dwell in their midst" - Exo. 25:8. This is His heart's desire today - to have a dwelling…
The vict'ry's won! The Lord has triumphed o'er the foe Spiritual Warfare
The vict’ry’s won! This shout we raise!
Amazing Grace Assurance and Joy of Salvation
This is a very appropriate song for the times. God help all of us. God Bless America
In His Christ to head up all things Ultimate Manifestation
Alabado es el Señor por la Iglesias que es Su cuerpo, Cristo todo reunirá
I must tell Jesus all of my trials Prayer
I thank God for Jesus I thank God for the song writer because he know it's Jesus alone can help he the only one can help us glory to God
Loved with everlasting love Assurance and Joy of Salvation
How wonderful to know God’s everlasting love and to know underneath are His everlasting arms holding me. While God and I shall be, I am Hi…