Songs that were recently commented on

What a Friend we have in Jesus Prayer
This song lifts up my soul and comforts me. It was one of the favorite songs of my late Mum who passed away on 16/02/18. She had always…
Lord of glory, we adore Thee Praise of the Lord
Lord of glory, we adore Thee! Christ of God, ascended high!
O Jesus Christ, grow Thou in me Longings
Jesus grow within me and let my self grow less is my daily prayer. And we grow in Him by eating Jesus daily. It is not by doctrines or…
Oh, the church of Christ is glorious The Church
We are one by eating Jesus, what a sweet hymn, very easy to express Him. Eating Jesus is the way to express universality of Him. Saints…
He leadeth me! O blessed thought Experience of Christ
How wonderful is to be lead by The Mighty Lord. I can never go wrong when lead by The Lord. Even in hardship, with The Lord will overcome.
Whene'er we meet with Christ endued Meetings
After eating Jesus, you can now exhibit Him. We display the riches of Christ so that other can be attract others to the Church.
Life at best is very brief Gospel
I love this song. It is the first song the Lord used me to minister to a congregation many years ago as a student; many lives were touched. …
I'm pressing on the upward way Longings
Saints we should always press in upward way, new height we should gain everyday. This is the only way we can defeat the evil one. Cast away …
To God be the glory, great things He hath done Worship of the Father
Lovely hymn.
My hope is built on nothing less Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Wow.... This song has been my source of inspiration whenever I am in tears....
The church is the building up The Church
Lord have mercy that we would see Your eternal purpose.
Trust and obey Experience of Christ
What a Blessed Hymn.
Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessing Fulness of the Spirit
May Your showers of mercy fall on all who look up to You, O Lord. Amen.