Songs that were recently commented on

Nearer, my God, to Thee Experience of God
While in this season of a ravaging pandemic all we can do as we stay indoors is to be Nearer to God, seeking His face. I pray we all…
My Lord and I Experience of Christ
Faithful God indeed never changing the same yesterday, today and forever.
Gathered in Thy name, Lord Jesus Praise of the Lord
Glory to God for everything
We bless Thee, God and Father Worship of the Father
Praise the Lord...!! We love you Jesus....!!
God eternal has a purpose Ultimate Manifestation
And in time we’re merely travelers— For eternity we’re meant.
Softly and tenderly Jesus is calling Gospel
Reminds me of my father, the world's most gracious man. He'd select this as a closing hymn after many of his sermons. And he meant it,…
I'll sing of the wonderful promise Comfort in Trials
This song just flows with the beautiful and enduring freedom of living our lives, resting on the everlasting arms!! No sweeter Savior!!
Immortal, invisible, God only wise Worship of the Father
I've been very passionate with this song sing childhood it’s my mum’s best hymn. Anytime we hear her singing it we are sure of a spec…
Father, I know that all my life Experience of God
This hymn speaks to one of the most difficult challenges in life generally and in this time specifically: to be still and wait on our Lord.
The love of God is greater far Worship of the Father
What a picture of God’s sovereignty as we watch and listen to His word from our homes during the shelter in place due to the spread of Co…
Lord Jesus, I love Thee, I know Thou art mine Experience of Christ
I first learnt this hymn when I was at the Mount Mary Teacher Training College in 2010. I've always loved it, but I never took the time to…
Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Me and my mommy use this when we will worship I like this
Standing on the promises of Christ my King Assurance and Joy of Salvation
This hymn has uplifted my faith several times. The promise of God will never fail and in this time of covid19 epidemic His promise of…
The Great Physician now is near Gospel
We sang this hymn today in church... Powerful song for this season. He is the great physician and we need him now
Since long ago at Bethany we parted Hope of Glory
What parted lovers never yearn to meet? How long? How long? Oh! Must I wait still longer..? Come, come and answer now this mighty corp'rate …
To You, dear Lord Consecration
Oh Herr wir lieben dich. Wir möchten unser ganze selbst dir geben. Zu dir, mein Herr.
And can it be that I should gain Assurance and Joy of Salvation
What a relief to know that my chains are all fallen and I can boldly approach the eternal throne... Glory to God! 🙌🙌🙌
How mysterious, O Lord Prayer
Praise the Lord! Now You are the Spirit dwelling in me. You are my life, my rich supply for all needs, my might to sustain my weakness, my…
What can wash away my sin Gospel
I have just found myself humming this song until I have serchy it in gogleu. May the blood of Jesus cover us. I speak the blood of Jesus…
As virgins we must be wise and pure Hope of Glory
Lord, I love You above all, Watching hourly lest I fall. We would buy the oil today. Lord, prepare us, oh, …
There shall be showers of blessing Fulness of the Spirit
But for the showers we plead . Amen and Amen
Fear not, I am with thee Comfort in Trials
God has promised never to leave us even in the midst of COVID -19. STAY AT HOME KEEP SAFE
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow'r Gospel
Thanks to the writer I can feel God's presence when listening to this song
That which for long the prophets sought Hope of Glory
And we’re now in the final stages, ’Tis the completion of all the ages. All those who believed the promise Are perfected now in us.
My hope is built on nothing less Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Christ is our solid rock, on Him alone we stand. He is more than able to protect us.