Songs that were recently commented on

What can wash away my sin Gospel
Thank You Lord Jesus for Your atoning blood. This is my victory in life.
Open my eyes that I may see Study of the Word
I was just meditating on this hymn 'With Signs Following' and this hymn kept ringing in my heart.
The Lord is the portion of my inheritance Scriptures for Singing
Praise the Lord! He has declared the year of jubilee, He has brought us back to God, our inheritance! He is our eternal portion!
Who is on the Lord's side Consecration
This song really started off my day well. I felt the Lord on my side and I was beside the Lord. I have never had a sweeter song since I…
Invisible, God is Invisible Gospel
God is an invisible and mighty God! ❤
I'm just a little flower Experience of Christ
When I first heard this I was like"praise the Lord !"
My faith looks up to Thee Longings
This is a favourite hymn of mine. My Mother (now deceased), always sang this hymn as her way of praising Jehovah, and now I too do the…
There is a name I love to hear The Name of the Lord
I just ❤ this song! Praise the Lord! 🎶
Beneath the cross of Jesus Glorying in the Cross
I heard this hymn on a radio program this morning and it blessed me greatly. The sermon text was John 17:13-19. It is a beautiful hymn that …
Years I spent in sorrow 'round the cross Encouragement
Praise the Lord, the world is done.
God moves in a mysterious way Comfort in Trials
This is one of my best hymns, ever inspiring any time am in low spirit. God speaks to me through the words of this hymn.
Lord, thank You for a new day for me to take You as Lord Experience of Christ
Amen, Lord Jesus let my life be under Your control, I yield to You my passion, pride and ambition.
Back in My Father's House Again! Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I am so happy!
This River Fulness of the Spirit
Lord bless us with this river all the way to the New Jerusalem! Lord flow us, flow in us, flow through us for eternity.
I'm gonna praise God unceasingly Praise of the Lord
Call His name and He becomes reality! Oh Lord Jesus!!
Something every heart is loving Experience of Christ
“Still Thou lovest, lovest ever, Shall I not love Thee, my God?”
He tells me, guard thy heart Experience of Christ
Thank You Lord for still being there, even when I fail.