Songs that were recently commented on

I am young and I'm in love Experience of Christ
Hallelujah! We're in love!
The old rugged cross Glorying in the Cross
Am looking forward to the crown ahead of me. I know surely one day I shall wear my brave crown of glory with my Lord Jesus, Lord grant me…
At the end of Luke's gospel, chapter twenty and two Spiritual Warfare
Hallelujah! We are too big to sift through.
My heart is hungry, my spirit doth thirst Study of the Word
Lord, fill all my hunger, quench all my thirst!!!!
What a Friend we have in Jesus Prayer
Lord your my best friend
There's a Man in the glory Experience of Christ
There’s a Man in the glory Whose Life is for me. He overcame Satan; From bondage He’s free. In …
Amazing Grace Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I have found a total of 7 verses one particularly good to have for funerals. plus the one mentioned by Nathan... Yea, when this…
Does Jesus care when my heart is pained Comfort in Trials
There's no better way to knowing that Jesus cares than to know that Jesus cares.
Immortal, invisible, God only wise Worship of the Father
Bless the Holy Trinty, now and evermore. Amenxxx
Nothing between my soul and the Savior Longings
This is one of the most beautiful hymns I have ever known. An admirable state to achieve, rather to rest in.
Jesus, O living Word of God Consecration
All that we can give to You is our whole being love outpoured. Lord we belong to you. Use us Thoroughly!
Consecration: To Become the Testimony of Jesus Consecration
Set me a seal on Thine heart Lord Jesus Seal me With Thy love, even Thy jealousy!!