Songs that were recently commented on

Lord, Thou hast made Thyself to me Experience of Christ
This hymn has been wrongly attributed to J. B. French, Arthur W. French, & Francis Havergal. The actual author is Charlotte Elliott, who…
Nothing But Love Experience of Christ
Oh our Beloved Let us go forth.
There's a Man in the glory Experience of Christ
Mary E. McDonough lived to be 100 years old. She wrote “God’s Plan of Salvation” which is a Christian classic and a must read. In the prefac…
Praying to express the Lord (Alternate Tune) Prayer
Thanks so much for this song. I love it. God bless. It makes me feel happy when I feel sad and when am down. Thank you. Glory to glory,…
Lord, Deeper Make Thy Home in Me Longings
“For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father, of whom every family in the heavens and on earth is named, that He would grant you ac…
Lord, Thou art our peace offering Praise of the Lord
What fellowship with the saints in Everett! We love You our Prince of Peace, blending, building, knitting us together in Your Love.
Before the throne of God above Assurance and Joy of Salvation
This song woke up my spirit.
In a low dungeon, hope we had none Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Now we’re rejoicing!!!
Must I go, and empty-handed Preaching of the Gospel
This song has touched my life so many times especially each when I reflect on the circumstance under which this song was composed. A sick…
Christian, seek not yet repose Prayer
Watching is not enough, waiting is not enough but watching unto praying is. Therefore, watching unto praying should be the lifetime…
Immortal, invisible, God only wise Worship of the Father
Anytime I listen and sing this song, I feel my inner man energized and metamorphosed.
Low in the grave He lay Praise of the Lord
One of my favorite hymns. He arose! Let the whole world know about it!
Now from my heart comes Praise of the Lord
Lord Jesus, we love You!
Dear Lord, how precious is Thy blood Praise of the Lord
Amen. This song touches me deeply. Oh, how precious is Thy blood!