Have Thine own way, Lord

Have Thine own way, Lord,
  Have Thine own way;
Thou art the Potter,
  I am the clay.
Mould me and make me
  After Thy will,
While I am waiting,
  Yielded and still.
Have Thine own way, Lord,
  Have Thine own way;
Search me and try me,
  Master, today.
Whiter than snow, Lord,
  Wash me just now,
As in Thy presence
  Humbly I bow.
Have Thine own way, Lord,
  Have Thine own way;
Wounded and weary,
  Help me, I pray.
Power, all power,
  Surely is Thine,
Touch me and heal me,
  Savior divine.
Have Thine own way, Lord,
  Have Thine own way;
Hold o’er my being
  Absolute sway.
Fill with Thy Spirit
  Till all shall see
Christ only, always,
  Living in me.

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States

God spoke this to me after I had been disappointed in someone. It really spoke to my heart and I am glad he gave me this hymn because I am familiar with it.

Lucas W

Richmond, Virginia, United States

God brought this song to my mind the other day as I was reflecting on aspirations for the new year. The lyrics reflect perfectly where I want my mind and heart to be.


Florida, United States

During my quiet time and reflection of the day I began writing from memory the words to this hymn I grew up singing in church. God is so awesome! He knows exactly what we need and His timing is perfect.

Lisa Shelter

Memphis, TN, United States

This is my prayer and aspiration. He knows me! I am NOT good at be still and yielding. Yet, He, as the One whom I love, is asking me to WAIT on HIM. "Wounded and weary" I know You are one who can heal by just one touch. So, have YOUR way Lord. Once I do and recline on Your wings, He does have "absolute sway". Lord, may this issue in "Christ only, always, living in me."

Peter Sawatsky

Surrey, BC, Canada

A fine rendition by Fogerty on The Blue Ridge Rangers.

I never tire of the old gospel/hymns.

Despite my love of classic rock, nothing touches them.

Michelene Gibson

Austell, Georgia, United States

I was asked to sing 2 song. This is the song that stood out in my spirit. I know that Holy Spirit gave it to me. Have Thine Own Way Lord. This song is bringing Deliverance in my life. Wherever I sing this song God brings Deliverance. I humbly say thank You in Jesus name Amen and Amen!

Linda Epp

Buckhannon, WV, United States

I was saying my prayers tonight and then I started humming this song. I remember singing this in church 60 years ago. I love this song. I love all the gospel songs. Amazing Grace is my favorite. I also love The Old Rugged Cross. 🙏🙏❤️

Karen Gibson

Westminster, CO, United States

I am not sure if the words of this hymn or the testimonies that followed are more beautiful. My thought is may it be true in my life. Thank you all for sharing the information about the words impact, how the songs to be sung, and history of it. May it continue to bless others.

Nelly Muyinda

Lusaka, Central Province, Zambia

I find words in this hymn, the most appropriate words to express myself to God, the one who created & formed me, who knows me better & what is best for me. It is a prayer of total dependency on Him when challenged with difficult situations & decisions to make.

Nelly Muyinda

Lusaka, Central Province, Zambia

This song always pops out of my heart/mind. I sing it automatically when I have a deep need to connect to God with all that is in me, Heart and soul. Often in the quiet preparatory moments before prayer, seeking His guidance,will and help.