Songs that were recently commented on

As virgins we must be wise and pure Hope of Glory
Lord, I love You above all, Watching hourly lest I fall. We would buy the oil today. Lord, prepare us, oh, …
There shall be showers of blessing Fulness of the Spirit
Great & Awesome Song. I remember the days of LAGOS STATE BAPTIST STUDENT FELLOWSHIP. in the 90's Is our Annual…
Fear not, I am with thee Comfort in Trials
God has promised never to leave us even in the midst of COVID -19. STAY AT HOME KEEP SAFE
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow'r Gospel
Thanks to the writer I can feel God's presence when listening to this song
That which for long the prophets sought Hope of Glory
And we’re now in the final stages, ’Tis the completion of all the ages. All those who believed the promise Are perfected now in us.
My hope is built on nothing less Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Christ is our solid rock, on Him alone we stand. He is more than able to protect us.
I serve a risen Savior Experience of Christ
I love this song, from my childhood, going to church. I joyfully agree, with Elrin's, comment below, as I walk in my neighborhood singing…
Trust and obey Experience of Christ
Trusting and obeying Him because he is sovereign and everything man can think of is in his hands. Obeying Him gives us peace of mind and…
Come, let us all unite to sing Worship of the Father
One of my best cos whenever I say God is Love it just echoes into my heart.
O God, our help in ages past Experience of God
Theclyrics of this song came to my mind this morning. It was reassuring to have confidence in God in this trying time of Corona pandemic.…
O Master, let me walk with Thee Service
This hymn was published in 1876 during a time in history where much emphasis was given to the social Gospel. The Civil War had ended and…
Will your anchor hold in the storms of life Assurance and Joy of Salvation
The ever surest and dependable anchor, we as children of the most high should firmly hold on to in this present moment in the world and…
Take my life, and let it be Consecration
God is so precious and patient... full of mercy He became our peace.... our power.... our praise Hallelujah!
Hidden Behind Every Scene Consecration
"Everything You hope to accomplish, do in me"
My faith looks up to Thee Longings
Beautiful song. I'm comforted