Songs that were recently commented on

Fill my spirit up Fulness of the Spirit
This song made me cry. FLOW THAT RIVER OUT.
I have learned the wondrous secret Experience of Christ
Lord, we’re hiding in Your love.
God has called us for His purpose Ultimate Manifestation
Hallelujah for the vision of the age!
He Hideth My Soul Assurance and Joy of Salvation
when I joined kanyawanga high school on 9 jan 2018 form 1A this was my inspiring song that indeed Jesus Christ hides our soles and by…
Dear Lord, we thank Thee for this bread Praise of the Lord
Dead Lord. Thank you for this bread of which we all partake.
Under His wings I am safely abiding Experience of Christ
indeed we are safely abiding under His wings, this hymnal keeps me strong ready to face any defficulty since am under his wings which are…
Through all the changing scenes of life Comfort in Trials
I learned this song from my grand mother years ago, I never forget it. The words are comforting and reassuring.
Rock of Ages, cleft for me Gospel
Blessed be the Lord Almighty for this hymn. Hallelujah to his name.
O Jesus, I have promised Consecration
I'm always blessed by this hymn whenever I sing it.
Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Blessed Assurance, Jesus is Mine: this song reminds and assures me of d love Jesus Christ has for me, the author and finisher of my faith,…
Lord, I just love You Experience of Christ
Nice song
Stand up! stand up for Jesus (Alternate Tune) Spiritual Warfare
Woke up at 3:00 am to listen to this song . it encourages my soul. Thank you.
Until We All Arrive Scriptures for Singing
Hallelujah! Lord Jesus! Thank you Lord! You have arranged everything Lord! We thank you!
Father God, Thou art the source of life Worship of the Father
Thank you Father for your divine life given to us. We love you Abba Father.
I am Thine, O Lord, I have heard Thy voice Longings
All time loved song.
My will is weak, my strength is frail Experience of Christ
Oh Lord Jesus! I’ve tried my best but still have failed But my little strength is in your grace!! I need Yo…
When on Thy table, Lord, we gaze Praise of the Lord
Lord’s Table today in Waseda .. enjoying .. eating ...
The day approaches; Jesus soon is coming Hope of Glory
Lord, ever turn us from our soulish pleasures. To gaze upon Thy tender, loving face!