The Great Physician now is near

The Great Physician now is near,
  The sympathizing Jesus;
He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
  Oh, hear the voice of Jesus!
  Sweetest note in seraph song;
Sweetest name on mortal tongue;
Sweetest carol ever sung:
    Jesus, blessed Jesus!
Your many sins are all forgiv’n,
  Oh, hear the voice of Jesus;
The veil ’twixt you and God is riven,
  Redemption wrought by Jesus.
All glory to the dying Lamb!
  I now believe in Jesus;
I love the blessed Savior’s name,
  I love the name of Jesus.
His name dispels my guilt and fear,
  No other name but Jesus;
Oh, how my soul delights to hear
  The precious name of Jesus!
Wesley Kiche

Harare, Mash Central, Zimbabwe

The Great Physician now is near,

The sympathizing Jesus;

He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,

Oh, hear the voice of Jesus!

I love this song

Chigborogu Ugo


The name of Jesus still remains the ultimate. It cures, it heals, it saves and above all it rejuvenates me anytime I am downcast.

Maria Ajiboye

Memphis, Tennessee, United States

I love this hymn, what an encouraging hymn to Christians!!!

Juliet Richard Sele

Warri, Delta, Nigeria

When ever I hear or sing this hymn my spirit is always lifted


Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria

Great physician heal my mum!

Judith Guaragna

Caledon, ON, Canada

My 91 yr old mother passed away this morning. She loves this song. I played it a couple if times while she was dying. She is in the arms of Jesus!

Ashu Godknows

Buea, Cameroon

This is amazing work... God bless you for what you do.

Lilian Chiemela

Lagos, Imo State, Nigeria

The great physician song is the song of the Angels. So melodies and full of ending joy, full of relief to life's battles

Sweetest note in seraph's song


the sympathizing JESIS

John Webb

"Sweetest note in seraph song."

Can someone give scripture reference for "seraph song"? Where does the Bible say that these "fiery serpents" (Num. 21; 6) sing? ("seraphim," Isaiah 6:2, 6)

Why do Christians have to invent things about what the Bible supposedly says. "Study to show yourself approved unto God."

If all you see when you read the Bible is what you've been told that it says, you'll never see what it says.

Ngozi Okeke

Lagos, Nigeria

his name dispel my guilt and fear no any other name but my sweet JESUS. Thank you JESUS .. ALMIGHTY FATHER bless the person that composed this spiritual hymn that brings dawn the glory of GOD Amen!!!!!