Songs that were recently commented on

If I gained the world, but lost the Savior Gospel
Oh Lord Jesus we have everything in You Lord we don’t need nothing else but You Lord amen.
It is well Assurance and Joy of Salvation
Thank You Lord. MY SOUL IS WELL.
Low in the grave He lay Praise of the Lord
He arose!
What a Friend we have in Jesus Prayer
I love this song
All my life long I had panted Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I too can identify with the words—searching for things that never could satisfy my soul, until that day I met Him, face to face, I’ve neve…
Precious promise God doth give thee Comfort in Trials
Hymn of immense hope and encouragement with surety of God’s protection.
Stand up! stand up for Jesus Spiritual Warfare
This hymn nourishes my soul, especially when am down!
There shall be showers of blessing Fulness of the Spirit
Falling in love with song haven't heard it from our church member. Wow shower of blessing we need.
Man of Sorrows, what a name Praise of the Lord
For me! Thank You, Thank You Jesus.. What a Saviour of sinners. Crown Him Lord of All. Where would I be if Jesus did not love…
Great is Thy faithfulness Worship of the Father
The simple, but profound song of God‘s faithfulness, penetrates deep within my soul. Thank You God for anointing the songwriters to cr…
There is a fountain filled with blood Gospel
this song is the essence of the purpose for which Jesus died on the cross am being cleansed by his Blood on a daily basis along with crores …
Thou my everlasting Portion Longings
Bedrock of hope, indeed God is my everlasting portion. May I be close to Him all my days.
Down in the valley with my Savior I would go Consecration
It is one of those songs I have not heard or sung in a long while. Been on my mind all week this week. I believe in Christian Hymns # 2.…