Songs that were recently commented on

Abide with me! fast falls the eventide Longings
I am glad always to abide in his presence with this hymn,
Will your anchor hold in the storms of life Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I remembered we sang it while in Boys brigade. I just felt the urge to sing it again.
Crown Him with many crowns Praise of the Lord
Don’t know if others sometimes experience an inner confusion where you get stuck fighting your own flesh instead of giving the battle ov…
The Great Physician now is near Gospel
I so much love this hymn. it heals my soul. It brings joy to my spirit and I thank God that am opportune to sing and come across this hymn.
Oh, What a Wonderful Place Union with Christ
One in His death, one as He rose, one on the throne by His side, one in His sonship divine, one as the bridegroom & bride, one as the…
There's not a Friend like the lowly Jesus Gospel
A comforting song in times of distress. This song remind me that Jesus is always with me in all I am going through
I stand amazed in the presence Assurance and Joy of Salvation
I woke up this morning with this hymn on my mind and tongue. As many others have testified here, I hadn’t thought of this song for years. I …
All praise to Him who reigns on high Praise of the Lord
Blessed be the name of my CREATOR.....
What a Friend we have in Jesus Prayer
This song blesses my soul this is my song for worship this morning. So glad I can take all my burden to the Lord in prayer.
Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation
My most blessing song