Songs that were recently commented on

I'm pressing on the upward way Longings
This powerful hymn reminds me of my high school years when I felt everything possible. I still do. Amen.
Simply trusting every day Experience of Christ
Trusting Jesus that is all.
There is a green hill far away Gospel
I love this Easter hymn, would sing it at school and church but not any more. A shame when hymns become unpopular.
The Rainbow Worship of the Father
He IS faithful. He WILL do it! Lord, DO it in us!
Great is Thy faithfulness Worship of the Father
Indeed “Great is Thy faithfulness” I woke up this morning with hearth filled with sincere appreciation to God Almighty for his general bene…
Sowing in the morning Preaching of the Gospel
Hi, I found myself singing this song this morning. Had a hectic weekend, somewhat chaotic. This song brings relief and joy to me, reminding …
建造召會的組成 召會-定義
我認為第一段可以考慮這樣唱,比較貼近原義: 1. 召會的|組成乃是:|一切神|揀選並救贖,|並被神|重生和變|化的| 人。|三一神終極傑作、|神的對偶、並新人,|神在地上的居所| 基督身|體,七個金|燈臺,神心|中的願|望。
I will enter His gates Scriptures for Singing
Am so happy I like this song it brings back childhood memories. For sure has has made me glad! 😀😀
My goal is God Himself, not joy, nor peace Longings
Lord, I just want You. I'm low in a valley right now, but I know one thing - no matter what I can never say no to You. All I can do right…
Jesus Lord, Jesus Lord Longings
Thank You Lord that You fill us with Yourself! Oh Lord we need Your grace!