Songs that were recently commented on

Break Thou the Bread of Life Study of the Word
I was just sitting in the living room at about past 11 on, unable to pray, so weighed down, and out of nowhere the lyrics of what I got to…
But you, beloved Scriptures for Singing
All praise to Him who’s able to Guard you from stumbling and set you, Set you before His glory then, Yes, wi…
Teach me Thy way, O Lord Longings
Along with other contributors I learned this at St Gabriel's Church camp. It is also my "going home" hymn when the crown is won.
Don't Say, "Oh No!" Praise of the Lord
oh Lord!
These are the days of salvation Encouragement
Behold, He comes! Let us sing Hosannas to our glorious King!
Lord Jesus, I love You, You're my all Experience of Christ
How sweet to wake up with a song on your lips, as I did with this song this morning! Praise our wonderful Lord!
O Jesus, I have promised Consecration
Thank you my Father for this song and this site.
I know not why God's wondrous grace Assurance and Joy of Salvation
This song is my energizer and a very strong encouragement. It keeps me holding on to my faith in him. Halleluja. I am persuaded that he is…
I'll sing of the wonderful promise Comfort in Trials
Dearest Lord Jesus your grace is unfailing as you. How wonderful and lovely are you. Amen and praise you Lord.
God My Exceeding Joy Scriptures for Singing
Lord you are exceeding joy!!
Christ is everything, I need Him Experience of Christ
Life is a person, receive Him. Drink his life from a living fountain!
Have you been to Jesus for the cleansing pow'r Gospel
An everyday reminder that Jesus is calling swiftly and tenderly