Pass me not, O gentle Savior

Pass me not, O gentle Savior,
  Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
  Do not pass me by.
  Savior, Savior,
  Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
    Do not pass me by.
Let me at Thy throne of mercy
  Find a sweet relief;
Kneeling there in deep contrition,
  Help my unbelief.
Trusting only in Thy merit,
  Would I seek Thy face;
Heal my wounded, broken spirit,
  Save me by Thy grace.
Thou the spring of all my comfort,
  More than life to me;
Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
  Whom in heaven but Thee?

London, United Kingdom

As beautiful as this song maybe, a born again Christian should not be singing this song... We are to worship in spirit and truth as believers, this song comes from a place of unbelief... We are to know who we are in Christ, God sees us Kings and priests we do not beg. As a new Born again Christian it's not possible to have a broken spirit as Christ is now living inside of you... This life isn't physical is spiritual, you approach God from your spirit not from your flesh. Think about this as it will change the way you worship... We are not waiting for the Holy Spirit to come into about churches... He is already in us, we are to stir up the spirit. Bless you all.


Woodbridgee, VA, United States

As I sat at my desk at work after reading a few chapters in the book of Joshua, this song came to my spirit. This song takes me back a long way hearing my grandmother singing and praising our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This song brings comfort to your soul. No matter what we are facing or going through our Savior hears our humble cry. Trusting in Him, I know He will not pass me by, this will be my opening song at the next service, before I preach.

Naomi Anderson

Mount Vernon, New York, United States

I love this song. It is a blessing.

Nancy Behn

Magderburg, Saxony Anhait, Germany

As I was praying this morning, I was looking for an inspiring Worship song. As a Christian and a Born again, I was going through a very trying period in my lifetime, God just gave me this worship song. I started singing the Chorus, and pleading with God for a divine Intervention in mylife. I was very low in my innerman, as I continued singing he uplifted me up and all my burdens went away.I pleaded for his mercies,while he was passing by not to forget me.He gave me his grace which is sufficient to Keep me going. It really reminded me of Jesus Apostle Paul,as a preacher of Gods Gospel he had once in his lifetime,a thorn in the flesh. As he continued praying the thorn would not leave him. But the Lord ministered un to Paul and told him, his grace was sufficient to Keep him going.The song helped me to relief all my burdens to our might God. I thank God for giving me this song.

Sylvester Chidozie


This is an awesome hymn. The Holy Spirit is a great teacher.

Julian Walker

Greenwich, Connecticut, United States

This song has been laid on my heart for a week now, I have been humming around the house, while at work. I didn't know the full song word for word, but it's a song that I slways love to hear my mom during my devotion this morning I decide to look up the words of it to sing and I just happen to press this is beautiful...the last verse got me so deep "who have I on earth, besides thee"...glory to God. Have a bless day😇😇😇🙏🙏🙏

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

"Hers was an age of evangelistic singing missions, and Fanny Crosby’s hymns were always in request. So popular was the little poetess that she was invited to speak at many places where these missions were held. On one occasion, it was at a state prison. Much was hoped for from this particular meeting. As Fanny was speaking—and her very blindness gave her power—first one prisoner and then another would interrupt by calling on the good Lord not to pass me by.

Fanny told that she was so touched by the pleas of these men that she could not get the thought of them out of her mind; indeed she said, I wrote the lines of this song with the men’s pleading wail still in my ears." - 'Stories of Wonderful Hymns' by Kathleen Blanchard 1947


"An earnest Christian pastor told of a young man about whom he had long felt much anxiety, as he had seemed so unconcerned about his soul, and was a real cause of disturbance and interruption in classes for other young men. Meeting him one day, the loving pastor sought once more to influence him, urging, “We want you for Christ and his service.” There was a certain change in his manner which did not escape the eye of the prayerful watcher for souls, and—lacking time to do more—he seized the opportunity to secure the presence of his young friend at a Christian Endeavor meeting soon to be held. True to his promise the young man was there. When an opportunity was given for some of the young men to choose a song, it was seen that this young man was urging his companion to select some par­tic­u­lar hymn. The other, yielding to his request, asked if the hymn, “Pass me not, O gentle Sav­iour,” might be sung; and both young men joined in the singing with evident interest and heartiness. Later in the evening it was requested that all who were definitely on the Lord’s side would confess their allegiance by standing. Whereupon the one over whom the heart of the pastor was specially yearning rose at once, and with de­ci­sion.

“Tell me about your conversion,” the thankful pastor requested at the close of the meeting, when hands were clasped in glad, brotherly welcome and re­cog­ni­tion.

“Oh, yes,” assented the other. “It was all through that hymn we have just sung. I was working on the canal at G–, and there was a meeting being held at the Mariner's Chapel, nearby. The words floated out over the water, and from the tug where I was working I could hear them plainly enough. When they were just going to sing those lines—‘While on others Thou are calling, Do not pass me by!’ a great fear came over me, and I thought, ‘Oh, if the Lord were to pass me by, how terrible it would be!’ Then and there, on the tug, I cried out, ‘O Lord, do not pass me by.’ And”—with a bright smile—“he didn’t pass me by. I am saved.’” - Story of Gospel Hymns by Ira Sankey 1907


In a Western State lived an old man who was in the habit of going fishing on Sunday afternoons. Near the pond was a schoolhouse where Sunday School was held. Frequently they sang, Pass Me not, O Gentle Savior, during the afternoon service, and for some reason the old man was unable to forget the melody. One day he threw down his fishing-rod and went up to the schoolhouse. He was invited to the Sabbath School, but he said, No, I cannot come today, for I am not dressed well enough. Then he promised he would come if the children would sing Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior. Two years after, in the presence of Mr. Doane, the old man, who was converted, related this story, and said, 'God bless William H. Doane and Fanny Crosby.'" - 'An Evening of Song and Story with Fanny J. Crosby' by S. Travena Jackson 1915


"I learned this song in German for the open-air meeting held at the Brandenburg Gate dividing East & West Berlin (1955). Some 50,000 people came to hear Mr. Graham, speaking through his interpreter, Mr. Peter Schneider. It was said that 20,000 crossed the line from East Berlin. The country was divided, but the Berlin Wall had not yet been built. It was still possible to cross from East to West. What a privilege to be there and to hear their singing. Mr. Graham was truly anointed of God as he spoke from the open Bible. When the invitation was tenderly extended, we were amazed at the number inquiring about faith in the Lord Jesus. They were asked to write their names and phone numbers in the space provided in the program so they could receive further encouragement on their spiritual journey.

There was one young nurse from East Berlin who came with her friends. She was quite skeptical at first but upon hearing the message, found herself wanting to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She didn't have a pen or pencil, so she used her lipstick to write her name on the response portion of the program. In the crusade office the next day a counselor, looking at the huge number of filled-out cards, picked up one of them to find a name and phone number written clearly in very bright lipstick. How exciting to discover that the young lady had joyously come to faith in Christ. 'Pass me not, O gentle Savior' is the heart cry of the song. Jesus had not passed her by! And He gave new life to the hundreds of others who called upon Him that memorable evening in West Berlin.

Some time later, Mr. Graham's interpreter, the young Peter Schneider, was introduced to this young lady. They fell in love and eventually married. God does indeed work in wonderful and mysterious ways." - 'How Sweet the Sound' by George Beverly Shea 2004


Maryland, United States

Savior, PLEASE, do not pass me by!


Jacksonville, Fl, United States

Mark 9:24—I Believe; Help Thou Mine Unbelief!!!!!!!


Lagos, Lekki, Nigeria

The song is spirit filled.. Thank You Jesus.