Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty

Jesus Lord, I’m captured by Thy beauty,
  All my heart to Thee I open wide;
Now set free from all religious duty,
  Only let me in Thyself abide.
As I’m gazing here upon Thy glory,
  Fill my heart with radiancy divine;
Saturate me, Lord, I now implore Thee,
  Mingle now Thy Spirit, Lord, with mine.
Shining One—how clear the sky above me!
  Son of Man, I see Thee on the throne!
Holy One, the flames of God consume me,
  Till my being glows with Thee alone.
Lord, when first I saw Thee in Thy splendor,
  All self-love and glory sank in shame;
Now my heart its love and praises render,
  Tasting all the sweetness of Thy name.
Precious Lord, my flask of alabaster
  Gladly now I break in love for Thee;
I anoint Thy head, Beloved Master;
  Lord, behold, I’ve saved the best for Thee.
Dearest Lord, I waste myself upon Thee;
  Loving Thee, I’m deeply satisfied.
Love outpoured from hidden depths within me,
  Costly oil, dear Lord, I would provide.
My Beloved, come on spices’ mountain;
  How I yearn to see Thee face to face.
Drink, dear Lord, from my heart’s flowing fountain,
  Till I rest fore’er in Thine embrace.
Not alone, O Lord, do I adore Thee,
  But with all the saints as Thy dear Bride;
Quickly come, our love is waiting for Thee;
  Jesus Lord, Thou wilt be satisfied.
Xu Tang


Jesus Lord! I am captured by thy beauty!

Becky Sanchez

Oak Lawn, IL, United States

Saturate me, Lord, I now implore Thee,

Mingle now Thy Spirit, Lord, with mine

Nelson Liu

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Not alone, but with ALL the saints, we adore Thee!

Robert Maniaci

Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Deeply satisfied. Halleluyah.

Sis Ma

Calgary, AB, Canada

Set me free from religious duty, my dearest Lord!


Paola, Kansas, United States

This is truly a love song that captures the love between the Redeemed and their Savior. Such a deep longing to be with Him forever!

I am blessed by comments of adoration from all around the world.

Amos Kimani

Naivasha, Nakuru, Kenya

Dearest Lord I waste myself upon Thee. Are you willing to give everything or to give up everything for Him? Yes Lord, am willing to give everything including my life for Him.


United States

This song captures the essence of surrendering to the Lord for His full delight in us and to see our real joy is in Jesus alone. He is indeed forever to be praised—till my being glows one with Him alone!

Gurleen Kaur

Sirhind, Punjab, India

As I belong to sikh family but I study in Christian school i. e Jesus Saviour's School Sirhind. And it gives relaxation to my heart and my mind.

Patricia Mensah

Accra, Ghana

Lord, when I first saw Thee in Thy splendor,

All self love and glory sank in shame.