In dealings with the Lord as life

In dealings with the Lord as life
  We need a proper heart,
That of His riches, in His grace,
  We fully may take part.
We need a heart in all things pure,
  With mind both sound and clear,
To understand His mind and heart
  In trembling and in fear.
We need a fervent, loving heart,
  A heart on fire with love,
With an emotion filled with zeal
  For Him, all else above.
We need a true, obedient heart,
  With a submissive will,
A will made pliable, yet strong,
  God’s purpose to fulfill.
We need a heart condemning not,
  In all things right with God;
A heart which has a conscience purged
  And covered with the blood.
Lord, grant us such a heart as this,
  Forever fixed on Thee,
That of Thyself we may partake
  And Thy true fulness be.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.

C. Taylor

Texas, United States

We need a true, obedient heart,

With a submissive will,

A will made pliable, yet strong,

God’s purpose to fulfill.

Oh, Lord Jesus!

Br.Jeff Hall

Church In Worcester, Massachusetts, United States

With our conscience void of offense to God and man, we need our hearts pure and clean as not to pick up any of the residual sin and filthiness of our soul. Then we can be useful to bring out His expression from our spirit, which must pass through our soul and body on its way out. His expression must not get tainted. May the Lord deal with our humanity!

Rahira Elers

Palmerston North, New Zealand

Lord Jesus purifiy our heart from all mixture that we would be those that are transparent by Your Life and Nature within.

Sels PB

Bro/Sister Wanporn Jara. You may open the piano sheets on the "downloads", right side of this page. it's in pdf file.

Wanporn Jara

Bannasan, Surat Thani, Thailand

I want the piano notes. I will take notes to my piano teacher, I want to play piano better than ever. I've been in the Lord's recovery for 30 years, in the church in Bannssan. I hope to get help from you. thank you. Praise the Lord.

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