This Opportunity

Lord, by Your mercy, I would take
This opportunity
To let You live Yourself in me;
And let You, Lord, gain me.
  Lord, save me from the past,
And save me from the future;
Yesterday is over,
Tomorrow may not be;
I only have this day;
I only have this moment.
And I would hope that You would take
This opportunity
To go as far as possible,
As possible in me.
’Though many barriers hidden be,
You know, Lord, deep within—
Lord, I want nothing else but You,
Lord, I want no one else but You.
So only this moment have I,
This opportunity;
This precious time I grant, dear Lord,
Solely unto You.
Samuel Lee

Seoul, 서울, South Korea

I was depressed yesterday so today, I try to know what the problem is and fix it, but when I heard this hymn, I realize that I should take this opportunity. Yesterday is over and I will take this opportunity to enjoy You!


Stanwood, WA, United States

Thank you for this very precious hymn.