Lost Prodigals

A prodigal, no need I sensed
For God my folks had known;
The world's allure enticed me thence;
Its friendship close had grown.
  My emptiness relentless still,
I searched, but naught did find.
Confused, I tried whatever thrilled;
It more my void defined.
God's vessels kind would not forget
This poor soul, most decried.
A God so real, through them I met;
I could no more deny.
  Alone, distressed, from peace apart,
I for God's solace yearned;
Their tender love warmed up my heart
Until it Godward turned.
O precious faith! O sweetest love!
O joy beyond compare!
Life's every turn God's mercy proved,
Unfailing, secret care.
  Yet God would know my dreams remained;
I craved what earthlings craved.
By mercy I God's vision gained;
His goal my path re-paved.
E'en if I take the wings of dawn,
At ocean's limits dwell*,
God faithful, wise, will lead me on,
His searchings keep me well.
  My heart o'erflows with songs of praise;
God's mercy is my crown.
His love a wretched soul embraced,
Transforms to glory-bound.
Go forth! Our Shepherd yearns that more
Lost prodigals we'd find
Into each wounded heart outpour
Fresh, timely oil and wine!
  Search out the weak, the wayward, lost;
In meekness bring them home!
Warm, tender love they need the most
And God's acceptance shown.
The Lord is pleased to build His home
In every contrite heart;
The feeble in His hand become
His warring counterpart.
  Christ will all Satan's work efface
Through wisdom full and grace;
The church will e'er His foe disgrace
To universal praise!
* Psa. 139:9
Tina Cerda

Fort Worth, TX, United States

What a wonderful hymn! Prodigals returning and bringing others to fulfill God’s purpose. Amen