From the Head to the Body

From the Head to the Body flows a rich supply.
Thus as members of Christ we must relate.
Every need in the Body can be met thereby.
Build us up in Your Body, we pray.
  Members one of another, the Body will grow,
As we're knit together in our inward parts.
Open firstly to Christ our Head, then life He will bestow
Through the function in measure of each part.
Christ is Head of the Body; we're His members true.
When we hold fast the Head, life freely flows.
As we're daily enjoying, we with Christ are infused,
All His heart for the Body we'll know.
For the sake of Your Body, Lord, unveil our eyes,
Deal with self, all the ground to You we give.
Save us from independence and all natural ties.
Blend us all in Your Body to live.
One with Christ in His Body, in the rich supply,
Every part causing growth in love each day.
Thus God's purpose eternal will be realized—
Christ expressed through His Body for aye.


Lord do keep us in the rich supply. Amen