The song to my Beloved

Lord, Your beauty and love have drawn me,
To pursue after You speedily.
In Your chambers I am brought,
And nourished here by Thee.
  My Belov'd, I belong to You.
O my Love, You're so beautiful.
We're the same in life and in nature,
In love ever insep'rable.
By Your nature is mine sanctified,
And my beauty's from Your life divine.
I'm renewed, submissive, sweet,
With Thee, with hind's feet leap.
As a dove, You alone do I see;
As a lily, I'm trusting in Thee.
I'm transformed and built by Thee
Your rest and joy to be.
In the fields let me follow You, Lord,
All my days work, in loving accord.
Be matured, Your Queen, Your Bride,
Then raptured, glorified.
  O set me a seal on Thy heart,
Your love strong as death doth abound.
King, Belov'd, for You I am longing,
Come quickly upon Spice's Mount!
Brecini Faith Tan

Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur

My Beloved, I just love You.


Kota Kinabalu

Nice Song~ ^^


Church In Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Such a lovely hymn. The story in the book of Song of Songs is also our story between our sweet intimate fellowship with the Lord. How sweet the intimacy is, that by His love and beauty we are drawn and run after Him lovingly. Remembering that He brought us into His chambers and there... He nourished us and partook His divine nature making the same as He is in life and in nature. For this reason we are united in love forever. Thus, by trusting and transforming until we become matured and hope to be raptured then to the extent we could say, COME LORD JESUS, we are waiting for You!