Make my hands full, I pray, dear Lord

Make my hands full, I pray, dear Lord;
Full of the Christ enjoyed each day.
E'en now I come to You for more,
Empty for You; fill me today.
Make my hands full today, O Lord.
You lived a life all absolute.
I lay my hands upon You, Lord,
In union, grafted, one with You.
Make my hands full right now, O Lord,
That I'd partake of You today.
By eating of Your living Word,
My old self would be purged away.
Make my hands full, my Savior Lord.
You were made sin and judged by God,
That all my sins may be no more.
I would, each day, apply Your blood.
Make my hands full; You are my peace.
In everything, I'd talk to You,
With God no longer enemies,
Enjoying peace with all saints, too.
Make my hands full; this is my prayer.
Remind me, Lord, how rich are You.
I'd on Thee labor, to prepare,
To offer Christ in worship true.
Make my hands full with only You;
Nothing of self, but all of Christ.
Savor so sweet and fragrant, too,
Rises to God, now satisfied.