Shepherding in Love

Me He sought, a lost and wand'ring lamb,
Me He bought, His life outpoured;
I receive His life divine,
Know, enjoy Him evermore.
O my Lord, how I love Thee!
I can't help but sink in Thee!
By such great love I'm moved, constrained,
All my life I give to Thee.
You're so sweet, my brook, my pasture green,
Waking me, to righteous paths,
'Tis by faith that I'm empow'red
To live out Thy righteousness.
Though the world would bring me woe,
Tide of age would ebb and flow,
Yet, Lord, Thy love cannot be swayed,
In Thy care, no lack I know.
When my sense of Thy dear presence fades,
When I lose all touch with Thee,
Though my heart is caught in doubt,
Rod and staff, they comfort me.
Life by faith, I surely know,
Shepherd leads me as I go
Here as I feast before my foes,
Cup of blessing overflows.
Foll'wing Thee, Good Shepherd, I would feed,
Shepherd those allotted me,
E'er I'd touch Thy heart's desire,
Live in Thine economy.
O my Lord, All thanks to Thee!
Goodness, mercy follow me;
I'd ever dwell within Thy house,
As Thy Body glorious!
Ann Chiang

Taipei, Taiwan

Dear Lord Jesus, the Good Shepherd, I would follow You loyally, and feed those allotted to me faithfully, for I wish to live in Your heart’s desire, Your Divine Economy!

Pelita Cvh

Sinacaban-Evansville, Mis Occ - IN

O Lord thank You for You are the great Shepherd. Praise You for continually shepherding me/us in love. I/we take You as the source so I/we can shepherd others to live in God's economy.