Blessing to My Family

  Make me a channel of blessing to my family,
Never a source of contention.
Bless my father, mother, sisters, and my brothers
And so many others through our family.
  Forgive; Don't be so selfish;
Consider one another;
Enjoy the Lord;
Pray with our family.
Jeh Rapha

Lazi, Siquijor, Philippines

Lord I don't want to be source of conflict to my family. Lord, I pray to make me a blessing to them and my family to the people around us. Make us channels of your blessing. Amen!

Fan Ah Ying

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

I hope that got some one to sing, not only music. Tqvm. Amen

Kevin Nie

Naperville, Illinois, United States

Amen. This was exactly the song I needed as my family is going through a very rough patch

but I have faith the Lord will uplift them as he always faithfully does. Pray for my dad (Jim), mom (May), and grandpa (Jake) please brothers and sisters I appreciate it. God be with you all❤️