Come, all ye saints, and sing with me

Come, all ye saints, and sing with me.
His love and joy have set me free.
The greatest Savior ever, He!
Come praise and sing in Jubilee!
  He changed my life with one simple call.
He gained my heart to love Him o'er all.
And now I will praise Him, and tell the whole world.
I love my Jesus forevermore!
Our Lord has been anointed for
Announcing good news to the poor,
Release to captives—ye much more—
The blind, their sight He has restored.
You, Lord, have sent away, released,
Those once oppressed, whose bondage ceased.
You have proclaimed today to be
God's promised year of Jubilee.
Lord, You have now fulfilled God's Word;
Your proclamation we have heard.
We join with You, our hearts You've stirred;
God's kingdom's here, the age has turned.
Yuri Reyes

Portland, Oregon, United States

And I will praise Him forevermore! And tell the whole world I love my Jesus forevermore!!!


Pretoria, Gauteng Province, South Africa

I love this song! You have touched my heart through Jesus Christ and may the Lord Almighty in Zion, may He bless you all for this wonderful contribution to the world. I fell closer to God through this song.


Zamboanga City, Zamboanga Del Sur, Philippines

it was new to me thou this hymn was already been released before,..i enjoyed d hymn so much,.i thank d Lord for d released He gave me from being captivated by d enemy n slave to sin...i nw enjoy d full liberty of being in Christ,.He is d real jubilee of grace...thnx alot for publishng ds hymn,.its reminds me havng d nem jubilee

David Vinson

Irving, TX, United States

Thank you dear saints for publishing such songs on the web. It is a great service to the Body of Christ. This morning I sang and sang and sang this song and in doing so contacted my great Savior. I got into the actual transmission of the Lord's divine life. Thank Him for the Jubilee and thank you again for your service.

G. S.

Athens, GA, United States

He changed my life with one simple call! I enjoy this hymn so much, especially because I love calling on the Lord. What a simple way to be released from anxiety, bondage, depression, condemnation, accusation, and the self. Oh Lord Jesus! I love how this hymn highlights the truth in Rom. 10:12-13, "...the same Lord is Lord of all, and rich to all who call upon Him; for 'whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved'." I love calling on the name of the Lord! The more I call on His name morning by morning, the richer He is to me day by day, and the more I am saved moment by moment in all my human situations, both great and small. He is the Jubilee, and I love Him!


Queens, NY, United States

Praise the Lord!

"He changed my life with one simple call. He gained my heart to love Him o'er all. And now I will praise Him, and tell the whole world. I love my Jesus forevermore."

This has been my experience. Two matters impressed me in this hymn. In the recent days I've been enjoying the matter of praising and the matter of the Jubilee. Satan's goal is to try to cease our praising. It was mentioned somewhere "if you can't pray, why not praise?" Praise the Lord! Sometimes we feel heavy without being able to pinpoint the reason. Saints I feel that praising the Lord breaks these kinds of strongholds and releases the captives.

Also the Jubilee. I've been enjoying returning to my inheritence - to the good land which typifies Christ. It is not that God leaves us, but from time to time we leave Him -our portion. BUT whenever the heart turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away!!! O Lord Jesus Christ Jubliee. No more to be a prodigal son nor wondering in the wilderness. Hallelujah! This is Jubilee!