Christ is coming as a thief

Christ is coming as a thief to steal those who are faithful,
Those who are most valuable and in the night, so watchful.
I seek, Lord, to be precious; make me a crazy lover!
Increase Your life within me that I would be Your treasure.

Christ will come as a bridegroom—His person most attractive—
Taking virgins wise with Him—those in pursuit so active.
I buy oil for my vessel; may Thy life spread to my soul.
When we'd meet I'd be burning and savor Your feast so full.
  Christ's coming is His presence
Spreading in us.
He's promised to come quickly;
Lord, grow in us!
Christ will be the morning star to those eagerly waiting,
Watching for Him everyday in darkness for His rising.
It's dark and most are sleeping; I rise for Your appearing.
Reward me every morning; I want Your gentle shining.

Christ is coming as a judge, all His people to meet.
All our work He'll test through fire before His judgement seat.
So burn in me today, Lord! I open to Your searching.
Burn the wood and fill with gold; I'm desperate for Your purging!
Christ is coming as a King to spread His kingdom on earth.
He will reign with all His saints who know His kingdom's worth.
Reign in all my life, dear King; I give You full permission.
Under Your authority, I'm given Your dominion.

Christ will come still as a Man—the Son of Man forever.
First He was God's only Son, now He has many brothers.
The Father's Firstborn Son now has a pure duplication;
We truly match each other—we are divine and human.
Jonah Tien

Under Your authority, I’m given Your dominion.



Lord, spread in us. You grow in us!


Kathmandu, New Baneshwor, Nepal

Amen, Lord come soon and deliver us from this sinful world. We are waiting for You Lord.

李 菲 麗

NC, United States

S.O. who wrote and composed this beautiful song was inspired from the 2013 East Coast College Training. Hallelujah! This is amazing! Inspiring! ["As believers who love the Lord, the Lord’s imminent coming should not mainly be a source of fear to us, but a source of hope and encouragement (Tit. 2:13). We must look forward to it with earnest expectation and joy." via] May we be inspired like the writer by enjoying the messages from this site: E N J O Y!