Lord, Thou art the lovely Bridegroom

Kitty Joubert

Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

O Lord Jesus, what a privilege to be chosen from Your family to be prepared as the bride....to wait for our Bridegroom who can come any day. Dear Beloved, we admire Thee. Thy dear is so attractive. God hath blessed Thee, Lord, forever. Thou hast won the victory...

Raluca Surdu

Resita, Romania

Oh, what a precious treasure we have found indeed!!! Lord, You are so lovely we cannot stop to taste Your sweetness! Praise the Lord!

Francis Salmazan

Bangkok, Thailand

Who can be compared to the beauty and preciousness of our Lord? I can only say an everlasting praise because He has found me and I have found Him! Praise the Lord, saints!


White Rock, B.C., Canada

Lord, Thou art the lovely bridegroom, the Preciousness to Your believers. May we value and treasure You more, day by day!

Jeannette DePaolo

Spokane, WA, USA

AWESOME! Thank You saints.

The first stanza of Hymns, #170 says, "Lord, Thou art the lovely Bridegroom, / God appointed, dear to us; / Thy dear self is so attractive, / To our heart so beauteous!" When we truly see that the Lord is our Bridegroom, our meetings will be different. They will become wedding meetings. Can we fast when we have the Lord's presence as our Bridegroom? Suppose a young brother is getting married and will soon become a bridegroom. To fast for him would be to put him to shame. We would fast for him only if he had encountered misfortune. Has the Lord encountered misfortune, or is He our Bridegroom? He is our Bridegroom! Hence, we need not fast. Let all the religionists fast. Let the followers of religion fast. We will eat and drink, and we will sing of our Lord being the lovely Bridegroom.