Jesus is all the world to me

Jesus is all the world to me:
  My life, my joy, my all.
He is my strength from day to day;
  Without Him I would fall.
When I am sad, to Him I go;
No other one can cheer me so.
When I am sad, He makes me glad;
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  My Friend in trials sore.
I go to Him for blessings, and
  He gives them o’er and o’er.
He sends the sunshine and the rain;
He sends the harvest’s golden grain:
Sunshine and rain, harvest of grain—
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  And true to Him I’ll be.
Oh, how could I this Friend deny
  When He’s so true to me?
Following Him I know I’m right;
He watches o’er me day and night.
Following Him by day and night,
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  I want no better friend.
I trust Him now; I’ll trust Him when
  Life’s fleeting days shall end.
Beautiful life with such a Friend;
Beautiful life that has no end!
Eternal life, eternal joy,
  He’s my Friend.
Gary H

Houston, TX, United States

This song came to me this morning as I was remembering Hurricane Harvey and all of life’s struggles. Jesus says .. Peace be still. He calms life’s storms.

Lift Him Up.

Bon Virata

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Praise the Lord Jesus!


Enugu, Ebonyi, Nigeria

I started singing this songs from sleep today...I wish 🌠 great things come to me today. Jesus is everything to me.

Frank zzz Hightower

Stockton, California, United States

The words to this song are giving me strength and joy to go on living a life that is positive and productive and in harmony with God's will and commands. I LOVE IT.


Tyler, Texas, United States

I grew up singing hymns. This one was on my mind this morning as I was getting ready for work. He is my strength from day to day, without Him I would fall! What a wonderful hymn.


Billings, Montana, United States

He is my strength from day to day ... What a joy to read the words of this old hymn. And a blessing to read the words of praise for Jesus in the comments from brothers and sisters from around the world.


Clanton, AL, United States

It's been a rough few days and I needed the reminder that Jesus is my one and only true friend. When I am sad He makes me glad, He's my friend.

Temple Stewart

Richmond, Virginia, United States

During my quiet time, the Lord reminded me of this song. His love gives me life and strength to carry out His will for my life. It encourages me that age does not really matter, His wonderful plan for our lives does not change, His love is everlasting and those who love Him get to spend all of eternity with HIM.

Rev. Kumar Chandirasekaran

Seoul, South Korea

One of my all time favorite, wonderful to hear!!! Always.

David Noel

United States

YES, yes Lord. For all my Haitians, 'jezu se tout bagay pou mwen'.