Jesus is all the world to me

Jesus is all the world to me:
  My life, my joy, my all.
He is my strength from day to day;
  Without Him I would fall.
When I am sad, to Him I go;
No other one can cheer me so.
When I am sad, He makes me glad;
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  My Friend in trials sore.
I go to Him for blessings, and
  He gives them o’er and o’er.
He sends the sunshine and the rain;
He sends the harvest’s golden grain:
Sunshine and rain, harvest of grain—
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  And true to Him I’ll be.
Oh, how could I this Friend deny
  When He’s so true to me?
Following Him I know I’m right;
He watches o’er me day and night.
Following Him by day and night,
  He’s my Friend.
Jesus is all the world to me,
  I want no better friend.
I trust Him now; I’ll trust Him when
  Life’s fleeting days shall end.
Beautiful life with such a Friend;
Beautiful life that has no end!
Eternal life, eternal joy,
  He’s my Friend.
Stella Opiah

Lagos, Nigeria

Jesus is all I have. Without Him I am worth nothing. Thank You Jesus for Your super love for me.


Bon Repos, Port Au Prince, Haiti

This song is one of my favorite songs. Feeling blessed when I m singing it🙏 I confirm that Jesus is all the world To me.


Texas, United States

The Lord put this song in my mind this morning. What a blessing to know that Jesus is not only our Saviour but our friend, too. I need Him so much!

So awesome to read everyone's comments around the world and know that we will all meet someday!


New York, United States

It takes sunshine and rain for a harvest.


Iligan, Philippines

I cried and cried. Thank You Lord so much that my life is not enough. Thank you as well whoever uploaded this.

Dupe Oluwasesan

Garki, Abuja, Nigeria

This hymn is one of my favourite, ever since I heard it in church I've not stopped singing it. The hymn is a summary of my testimony - Indeed Jesus is all the world to me and without Him I will fall. Halleluyah.


Kalay, Myanmar

very good song


North Hollywood, CA, United States

This song came to me this morning before my devotional time. Been going through a lot and singing the song brought comfort and reminder that Jesus is all I need. He is my strength my friend my life my joy and my all.

Katie Rowland

Mansfield, Texas, United States

Going through a satanic attack today. He's trying to keep me from witnessing to a friend who desperately needs Jesus. This song came to mind so I went to the computer to hear it. So glad this sight had it. My dear Savior is all I need to stand against the devil. I have laryngitis so I can't sing along very well, but my heart is singing. Thanks for putting the great hymns out there where they can minister to people with their messages of Jesus. God bless you!

Bishop O.A.P

St Andrew

I was at church to night in convocation when this song came with such a force in my spirit what a blessing it was.