How Can I Say How Much I Love You?

  How can I say how much I love You?
What words express the way I feel?
How can I say how much I need You?
The words I use at times don't seem so real!
But I'm just going to say them any way!
I love You Lord, with each new living day.
The words I use are just the words You planted deep in me.
I love You Lord with Your own love in me.
Again I'll say, Jesus, I love You,
In spirit, Lord, and with my soul,
And as I speak I am so happy
That by Your life in me this love I know!


So sweet 💕

Sheree Dale Giganto

Orpington, Kent, United Kingdom

I love You Lord Jesus!


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

My dear Lord Jesus Christ, make Your home in my heart.

Antanita Ma

United States

Cómo decir,

¿cuánto te amo?

Palabras no hay

Para expresar.

Cómo decir,

¿te necesito?

Mis palabras, tal vez

No oigan real.

Pero quiero,

Decírtelas, Señor

Te amo

Con cada día al pasar.

Mis palabras

Son las palabras

Que has plantado en mí.

Te amo

Con Tu mismo amor en mí.

Otra vez diré

Cuanto te amo,

En espíritu,

y alma también,

Y al hablar

Soy tan feliz!

Que por Tu vida

Conozco Tu amor!


Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia

Dear Lord, You are the first One touches my sentimental. I... love... You...

Antanita Ma

United States

Thank You, dear Jesus, for Your love in me...