He stepped out of glory

He stepped out of glory
And put on the lowly.
And life's very Author
A creature became.
Despised and forsaken,
Afflicted with sorrow,
From infinite splendor
To the likeness of shame.
He chose to be humbled,
He chose limitation,
He chose to be finite,
He chose to be man.
God's unfathomed purpose
Found substance in Jesus;
A two-natured being—
The unique God-man.
His own shell was broken,
Releasing His glory.
This life-impartation
Produced many grains.
The Firstborn rejoices
With His many brothers;
An incorporation—
Divine and human.
We cannot but love Him,
Our lovely Forerunner.
His shame was our vict'ry,
His anguish our joy.
The children of judgement
He brought into glory.
The millions of God-men
Forever rejoice.