Classic Hymns

BE IN TIME! BE IN TIME Hope of Glory BE LIKE JESUS, THIS MY SONG Longings BE STILL, O TROUBLED SOUL, BE STILL Encouragement BE STRONG, BE STRONG, GOD'S DWELLING PLACE TO BUILD The Church BEND ME, OH, BEND ME TO THY WILL Consecration BLESSED BE THE NAME Praise of the Lord BLESSED HOPE, BLESSED HOPE Hope of Glory BLESSED QUIETNESS, HOLY QUIETNESS Fulness of the Spirit BOUNDLESS AS THE SEA Praise of the Lord BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES, BRINGING IN THE SHEAVES Experience of Christ BROTHERS The Church BUT GOD HATH PROMISED STRENGTH FOR THE DAY Comfort in Trials BUT I KNOW WHOM I HAVE BELIEVED Assurance and Joy of Salvation BY SAYING AMEN TO HIS WORD The Word of God BY THY GRAND REDEMPTION Consecration Be Thou supreme, O Jesus Christ Longings Be all at rest, my soul! Oh! blessed secret Encouragement Be not anxious for the morrow Comfort in Trials Be not dismayed whate'er betide Comfort in Trials Be still, my heart! these anxious cares Comfort in Trials Before the throne of God above Assurance and Joy of Salvation Begin the day with God Experience of God Begin the day with God (Alternate Tune) Experience of God Begone, unbelief Comfort in Trials Behold how good a thing The Church Behold how good and how pleasant it is Scriptures for Singing Behold the Lamb with glory crowned Praise of the Lord Behold the New Jerusalem descends from God Scriptures for Singing Behold! behold the Lamb of God Praise of the Lord Behold, how good, how pleasant 'tis The Church Beneath the cross of Jesus Glorying in the Cross Beneath the cross of Jesus (Alternate Tune) Glorying in the Cross Bless'd are the pure in heart Longings Blessed Lord, our hallelujahs Praise of the Lord Blessed assurance Assurance and Joy of Salvation Blessed be God, our God Assurance and Joy of Salvation Blessing and honor and glory be Thine Praise of the Lord Blest Father of glory, we worship Worship of the Father Blest be the tie that binds The Church Break Thou the Bread of Life Study of the Word Breathe Thou, O Lord, on me The Church Breathe on us, Lord of life Fulness of the Spirit Breathe on us, Lord of life (Alternate Tune) Fulness of the Spirit Brighten the Corner Where You Are Service Buried with Christ, and raised with Him too Union with Christ Burning, burning, we are burning The Church By Christ redeemed, in Christ restored Praise of the Lord By Thee, O God, invited Worship of the Father By righteousness was I condemned Worship of the Father By the blood of Christ the Victor Spiritual Warfare By the cross discern the spirit Various Aspects of the Inner Life